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Asset protection - keeping your hauling ships and cargo alive - is the most important cornerstone of being a successful hauler. Due to our extremely wide range of services, ships, and collaterals, Pushers are expected to be experts in all areas of hauler asset protection. If there is any area you are uncertain about, take the time to consult with a more experienced Pusher.


Risk is part of EVE Online. No matter what you are doing or where you are there is always some risk in Eve, even if it is very minimal. Risk is an unavoidable component of hauling and one reason why clients turn to PushX for their hauling needs. As such, Pushers are expected to be experts at assessing and handling the risks a contract may include.

Minimizing Risk

The most effective way to minimize risk while hauling is to follow the best practices of asset protection and be competent in the essential techniques used by each ship type. Pushers are also encouraged to self-assess when they may be too tired - or otherwise impaired - to haul safely.

Refusing a Contract Due to Risk

Hauler safety is PushX's top priority and Pushers will NEVER be penalized for refusing to accept or run a contract due to significant risk.

  • Pushers are expected to consult a PushX Senior, Manager, or Director when they believe a contract is too dangerous for them to complete.
  • Pushers are expected to have concrete - not anecdotal - evidence that a contract is dangerous. This can include recent kills on zKillboard, Dotlan statistics, live footage, or in-game scouting.
  • Significant risk does not include routine, circumventable risks such as a freighter gank fleet in Uedama.
  • Inexperience with a particularly dangerous route is a valid risk; however, Pushers are expected to seek to improve and overcome a lack of experience.
  • It is always appropriate to ask a more experienced Pusher for advice.
  • Approval to skip a contract applies specifically to that contract at that time. This does not automatically apply to future contracts on the same route.

Basic Asset Protection

General Knowledge

Ship Classes

In order to provide a wide range of services, PushX uses a range of hauling ships. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of each ship class is essential.

Ship Class Areas of Service Primary Defenses Collateral Limits
T1 Industrial Not Used N/A N/A
Sub 2s/1s Hauler Not Used N/A N/A
Freighter High Sec Scouting, Webbing HS: 5b
Deep Space Transport High Sec, Thera, Pochven Scouting, Cloak/MWD Trick, Overheated Tank, Dock/Undock Bookmarks HS: 10b, Thera/Pochven: 5b
Blockade Runner High Sec, Low Sec, Thera, Pochven Scouting, Cov Ops, Align Time, Dock/Undock Bookmarks HS: 10b, LS/Thera/Pochven: 5b
Jump Freighters High Sec, Low Sec, NPC Null Sec, SOV Null Sec Scouting, E-Cynos, Webbing HS/LS/NPC NS/SOV NS: 50b+

Gank Profile

Your “Gank Profile” refers to how appealing and susceptible your hauler is to gankers as a potential gank target. Factors that affect your gank profile include the EHP of your ship, double wraps and assembled containers, the value of your freight, ability to be scam-ganked via duels, etc. You should be aware of your gank profile while hauling.

Ship and Cargo Scanners

One method that ganking groups use to help ascertain your gank profile is scanning your ship and cargo before you reach a ganking hotspot. Blackbirds, Herons, Maulus, and Sunesis are ships commonly used for this purpose. You will see them sitting on gates, scanning passing haulers.

Triglavian Invasion Content

In the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, pilots need to be aware of the Triglavian and EDENCOM threat to ensure safe passage of their personal assets and PushX Freight.

You need positive EDENCOM standing to safely travel through EDENCOM systems and positive Triglavian standing to safely travel through Triglavian systems.

It is possible to be neutral to both sides of the conflict by acquiring EDENCOM and Triglavian standings killing Rogue Drones or Sleepers. This is the best practice - and required - for PushX haulers.

By default - with no standings - your hauler is considered hostile to Triglavians and neutral to EDENCOM.

Achieving Standing

Achieving standings of 0.0 or greater will make EDENCOM neutral towards you. Achieving standings greater than 0.0 will make Triglavians neutral towards you. This is the mandatory best practice for PushX haulers.

  • Do NOT: Kill credit on an Edencom ship will give Trig standings and lose Edencom standings.
  • Do NOT: Kill credit on a Triglavian ship will give Edencom standings and lose Trig standings.
  • Do: Kill credit on a Rogue Drone, Sleeper, or Drifter will give both positive Edencom and positive Trig standings.

The most optimal method, to the best of our knowledge at this time, involves getting kill credit on a Rogue Drone, Sleeper, or Drifter in Pochven. The following is one way to cheaply accomplish this:

  • Swap to a blank clone (no implants)
  • The following fit is very cheap and it is fast enough to kite away and warp off. It has three targeting range scrips so you can paint from 100km+
[Vigil, Pochven Diver]
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector

Phased Scoped Target Painter
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster

Prototype Cloaking Device I

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

Targeting Range Script x3
  • Grab a Pochven Filament (Border/Internal ideally)
  • Use the filament to go to Pochven
  • Warp at 100km to every warpable object (planet/moon/station/gate/beacon/etc) in the system until you find Drifters, Sleepers, or Rogue Drones, ideally that are actively fighting Trigs or Edencomm
  • Use D-Scan to help you find Drifters or Rogue Drones. Ensure that these entities are enabled in your overview settings.
  • If you cannot find any Drifters, Sleepers, or Rogue Drones, you can try moving to another system.
  • Target a Drifter/Sleeper/Rogue Drone or two and target paint them. This will mark you as having contributed to their death if they die within the next - approximately - twenty minutes.
  • Warp off to drop aggro
  • You can wait at a bookmark in cloak, or watch them from cloak
  • Wait for them to die fighting against Trigs or Edencomm - if they weren't in combat they will warp around every five minutes until they encounter a Trig or Edencomm fleet and start fighting
  • You should receive standings for kill participation within twenty minutes of the Rogue Drone/Sleeper/Drifter dying
  • You can either use an out (Extraction/Glorification) filament, or you can suicide your pod to get out of Pochven

Universal Best Practices

The following Best Practices apply to all freight classes and ships.

Scout and Use Intel

Appropriate scouting and use of intel is the most essential asset protection technique. Always scout gank systems or hot systems before attempting to haul through them. Take advantage of public intel as well as PushX's internal intel sources to ensure you always scout as needed and to remain on top of the current ganking meta.

Some Public Intel Resources:

  • Gank-Intel Channel
  • Twitch Gate-cam streams
  • Dotlan or in-game kill activity

Stay Within Value Limits

A hauler’s total cargo value should never exceed the PushX collateral or value limit for that ship class. Excessive freight value raises your gank profile.

Disable Duel Invitations

Hauler alts should ensure that all Duel Invitations are Blocked. If you need to duel to web, send the duel invitation from your hauler to your webber.

Be Aware of Distractions

Be aware that conversation invitations or mails can be an attempt to distract you. If you intend to engage with a player via your hauler, ensure the immediate safety of your ship. Many Pushers will not engage in social interactions on their hauling alts.

Be in a Fleet With Yourself

Haulers in a fleet cannot be invited to another fleet. Gankers may send fleet invites to distract you, or to obtain a warp in for ganking ships. Do not haul while in a fleet with people you do not trust.

No Shortcuts

While carrying PushX freight haulers should stay within the appropriate security level for their ship type - e.g. freighters must stay in HS. In addition, "shortcutting" a BR through low sec to avoid high sec warps is considered inappropriate.

Do Not Autopilot

It is never appropriate or allowed for a hauler to use Autopilot to navigate while carrying PushX freight. PushX is an "At-the-keyboard" hauling corp. It can be appropriate to use Autopilot as an aide in certain scenarios such as docking after warping to an insta-dock bookmark.


Freighter pilots make up the backbone of PushX, moving more m3 through more systems than any other class of freight. Despite the relatively low skill requirements for a freighter pilot, the in-game knowledge necessary to be a top notch freight pilot remains high.

PushX only operates freighters in High-Sec, so our asset protection procedures focus solely on the dangers in High Security Space.

High-Sec Gank Methods

Freighters are ganked in high-sec after being immobilized and then quickly killed by fleets of high damage ships faster than CONCORD can respond.

There are two primary types of freighter ganking.

Suicide Tackle

Gankers will have a "suicide tackler" positioned on a gate. The suicide tackler will warp disrupt your freighter while a fleet of damage ships in the system warp to your location to continue the warp disruption and apply damage. This is the most common freighter ganking method.

  • Counter: Scout ahead and use intel sources. Attempt to "ninja web" when there is a safe opportunity or wait for the gankers to gank another freighter and go through while they're "Flashing Red."
  • Common Suicide Tackle Ships: Gnosis, Procurer, Maller, Moa, Blackbird, Purifier
  • Common Damage Ships: Catalyst, Purifier, Talos, Coercer
  • Suicide Bombers can decloak and suicide tackle without delay
  • Some fleets will re-use their scanning ship as a suicide tackle

Gate Bump

Gankers will use a battleship - usually a Machariel - to repeatedly bump a freighter to prevent it aligning and entering warp while a gank fleet travels to the freighter's location.

  • Counter: Scout ahead and web past the bumping ship before it can bump.
  • Once being bumped, the "Log Off Trick" (See below) can be the best option.
  • While attempting to enter warp a ship may be bumped for three minutes. At the end of three minutes the ship will enter warp.
  • Bumps may occur near or adjacent to common gank systems as they provide time for gank fleets to jump system.
  • Webbers with warp speed can be useful for getting to a freighter while it is in gate cloak to web before it is bumped.
  • Occasionally, bumpers may attempt to offer you a "ransom" to let your freighter escape. It is not worth negotiating in these situations; either a bumper does not have a gank fleet ready to gank you or they're attempting to make extra isk on the gank.

Best Practices

Use a Scout

Do not attempt to go through common gank systems without sufficient intel. There is no equivalent substitute for first-hand, up-to-date intel as freighters have no true "active" defense once they are in danger.

Use a Webber

Webbers are essential to freighter safety.

  • PushX strongly recommends using a Rapier to web as it is by far the best choice.
  • Other options include, in order of preference: Loki, Huginn, Vigil Fleet Issue, Hyena.
  • The Vigil Fleet Issue is generally the best "rookie" webber to use while training to fly a Rapier.
  • Your webber is often also your scout.
  • Do NOT web every warp - this massively raises your gank profile.

No Assembled Containers or Double Wraps

PushX does not allow freighters to carry assembled containers or double wraps. This includes Small or X-Small contracts with containers or double wraps and containers being used to carry extra fittings. Assembled containers and double wraps (courier packages inside the courier package) prevent cargo scanning by gankers and makes your freighter a more appealing target.

Do Not Use Undock Bookmarks

With the exception of PushX bookmarks explicitly designated for freighter use, it is not best practice to use undock bookmarks for a freighter. An undock bookmark leaves a freighter able to be combat-probe scanned down while it is attempting to align.

Fit for Speed, Not Tank

PushX does not recommend fitting tank on freighters as it is rare that it makes a significant difference in a gank scenario. It is also not possible to fit tank while also fitting cargo expanders further rendering tank an unreliable defense mechanism. Instead, PushX recommends prioritizing speed with two Prototype Type Hyerspatials and one Inertial Stabilizer II. This improves isk/hour, makes it easier to make it through a gank system quickly when a safe window is available, and does not risk hindering your ability to web (as bulkheads can). Similarly, PushX recommends using warp speed implants. The PushX Pilot Optimizer lets you experiment with these fittings.

Essential Techniques

Long-Range Webbing

Used by webbers such as the Rapier that have an extremely long web range. This is the best practice webbing method.

  • Create a "Webbing" overview filtered to only show your own freighters that you want to web so you will not misclick while webbing.
  • Perch webber 10-20km off of the gate.
  • Decloak webber a few seconds before the freigher jumps into the system to account for sensor recalibration time.
  • Pre-select your webs on your webber so they are blinking. This means they will apply as soon as you lock your freighter.
  • Hit "Warp" or "Jump" on your freighter to initiate warp.
  • Spam click on your webbing overview to immediately lock your freighter and apply webs.
  • If you're attempting to web past a suicide tackler it is important to understand that the order in which the webs and tackle will be applied is dependent on a combination of ping and reaction times - presuming both the webber and suicide tackler have a sub-1s lock time on the freighter.
  • Here is a (not-PushX) example of webbing a freighter

Short-Range Webbing

Used by webbers with shorter range such as the Vigil Fleet Issue. This is not best practice; however, it is significantly superior to attempting to move your webber around the gate to get in range of your freighter while it is still in gate-cloak.

  • Create a "Webbing" overview filtered to only show your own freighters that you want to web so that you will not misclick while webbing.
  • Have your freighter and webber in the same fleet.
  • Perch your webber at least 150km away from the gate.
  • If you are not in a friendly-fire corp, send and accept a duel request from your freighter to your webber. This could also be done in the system before to avoid notifying those in local.
  • While the freighter is in gate cloak, use warp to fleet member to warp your webber within 10km of your freighter.
  • Hit "Warp" or "Jump" on your freighter to initiate warp once your webber has landed on grid.
  • Spam click on your webbing overview to immediately lock your freighter and apply webs.
  • If you're attempting to web past a suicide tackler it is important to understand that the order in which the webs and tackle will be applied is dependent on a combination of ping and reaction times - presuming both the webber and suicide tackler have a sub-1s lock time on the freighter.

Log Off Trick

The Log Off Trick can be used to attempt to escape a bumper before the gank fleet arrives. This is very unlikely to work if the gank fleet is in the same system as the bumper. Webbing should still be the first defense.

  • You must not have any timers - this includes the fifteen minute timer caused by webbing.
  • Stop your freighter entering warp by hitting Ctrl + Space
  • Open the Esc menu and click "Log OFF" NOT Safe Log Off.
  • Your ship will leave space after one minute, even if you are locked, provided no one aggresses your ship in that one minute timer.
  • Here is a (not-PushX) YouTube video example of the Log Off Trick

Deep Space Transport (DST)

Deep Space Transports deliver up to 62,500 m3 through High Sec and to Pochven and Thera.

High-Sec Gank Methods

Tornadoes are the most common ship used to gank DSTs; however, any ganking fleet may attempt to gank a DST.

Freighter Gank Fleet

A freighter gank fleet using suicide tackle and an off-grid fleet may also gank a DST if they are able to acquire tackle on a DST.

  • Counter: Cloak+MWD SHOULD prevent these fleets from succesfully tackling a DST.
  • Usually, these fleets will not have a decloaking method in place; however, Concord or a lot of ships on gate may incidentally decloak a DST.
  • A dual prop DST could attempt to overheat and burn to gate once tackled; otherwise, overheating modules and attempting to warp off is best practice.
  • These ganks are most likely in common ganking systems.

Alpha Damage

An alpha damage fleet will attempt to kill an uncloaked DST on gate using high burst damage before the DST is able to warp off.

  • Counter: Cloak+MWD SHOULD prevent these fleets from having an opportunity to lock the DST.
  • Tornadoes are the ship most often used for this gank method due to their high alpha damage and long range.
  • The fleet of Tornadoes may camp directly on the gate or a short distance off grid with the intent of warping to grid.
  • Always check grid and D-Scan before dropping gate cloak and starting to Cloak+MWD.
  • Generally, Cloak+MWD should prevent these ganks from being a threat.
  • If Cloak+MWD fails, overheat tank modules and spam warp.
  • A well-fit DST should be able to tank all but the highest damage alpha damage ganks if necessary

Decloaking Frigate

A variation of the Alpha Damage ganking method, gankers may also use a fast moving frigate to decloak the DST during their Cloak+MWD Trick.

  • Counter: Scout ahead. Fit sufficient tank to tank a significant number of gankers.
  • Attempt the Cloak+MWD Trick
  • While doing the Cloak+MWD Trick, set your tank modules to overheat
  • When decloaked, immediately activate your (overheated) hardners
  • Spam the warp button to attempt to warp off as soon as possible

Pochven and Thera Gank Methods

Warp Disruption Bubbles

Warp Disruption Bubbles may be placed on gates or stations to trap ships. Counter: Your DST should be fit with an interdiction nullifier module before entering Pochven or Thera.

  • DSTs should never travel through Thera or Pochven without a scout.
  • An alt in a shuttle is a very viable method to scout ahead.
  • Running a dual prop (MWD + Afterburner) fit may offer a second chance to burn back to a gate or out of a bubble in the event that the hauler gets caught.
  • Due to the importance of overheating to the DSTs survival, often the sub warp speed offered by an afterburner can outweigh the benefits of additional tank.

Best Practices

Do Not Enter Low Sec or Null Sec

DSTs carrying PushX freight should not be taken through Low Sec or Null Sec.

Use Cloak+MWD

Cloak+MWD should be used any time there is a chance of danger. Cloak+MWD can also be used to avoid cargo scanners.

Use Dock/Undock Bookmarks

Using Dock/Undock Bookmarks reduces the risk of dock/undock ganks. DSTs can use Cloak+MWD once on an undock bookmark. If no bookmark is available the "Stop, Align, Warp" method listed in the Jump Freighter section is the next best approach.

Fit Tank

DSTs benefit from fitting active-resistance tank due to their overheat bonuses. Check PushX Corp Bulletins for specifics on PushX requirements.

Essential Techniques

Cloak + MWD Trick

Youtube Video Guide:

The Cloak + MWD Trick allows DSTs to get into warp with little to no window for a ganker to lock them.

  • The Cloak+MWD Mechanic is the most essential tool for a DSTs safety (other than intel) and should be used in any common gank system, any active system, or any time there is reason to believe there is ganker activity.
  • Cloak+MWD can be used on every warp.
  • Hit Align to the destination
  • Immediately activate cloak
  • On the next tick activate microwarp drive
  • Once the microwarp is approximately 90% of it's cycle (when the timer reaches the "tail" of the MWD module icon), deactivate cloak and hit warp

Blockade Runner (BR)

BRs are used to deliver up to 12,500m3 through high sec, low sec, Thera, and Pochven.

High-Sec Gank Methods

Dock/Undock Alpha Gank

Gankers will wait either near the station with a ship fit for high alpha damage to attempt to gank the BR as it docks or undocks.

  • Counter: Use insta dock/undock bookmarks."
  • If you do not have an insta dock bookmark, warp at 100km in cloak to confirm the absence of a ganker, and then warp to a warpable object and warp back.
  • If you do not have an instant dock bookmark, approaching from an abnormal direction - might - help.
  • Many BRs have room to carry a shuttle that can be used to burn an instadock while the BR is docked at a safe station.
  • A rookie corvette can be used to burn an undock bookmark.
  • When you undock, check for potential gankers on grid before breaking the undock invulnerability if you do not have a good instant undock bookmark.

Concord Decloak

CONCORD or Faction Police may decloak a BR as it is aligning, enabling a ganker on the gate to gank the BR.

  • Counter: If an NPC ship is near your BR, wait for it to move before breaking gate cloak if there is a ganker on grid.
  • The odds of this happening are much higher on a gate when there is a large CONCORD fleet that has recently responded to a gank.
  • If there is reason for concern, having the various NPC fleets visible on your Overview can make it easier to judge when to drop gate cloak.

Low-Sec Gank Methods

Litter Decloak Camp

Gankers will scatter objects like containers, corpses, or drones around a gate to prevent a BR from cloaking.

  • Counter: Scout ahead, especially in high-traffic systems.

Fighter Decloak Camp

Gankers will position fighters on a gate that will move towards the BR while it is aligning to attempt to decloak it. Once decloaked, a gank ship will lock and tackle the BR.

  • Counter: Fit for the fastest align time for the needed cargo size.
  • BRs should be able to stay under 5 seconds align time easily
  • It is extremely unlikely that gankers will be able to both decloak and tackle a BR with an align time under 5 seconds.
  • Both carrier and citadel fighters can be used

Frigate Decloak Camp

Similar to the fighter decloak camp gankers may use a fast frigate to attempt to decloak and tackle a BR while it is aligning. This is generally uncommon and not particularly effective

  • Counter: Fit for the fastest align time for the needed cargo size.

Pochven and Thera Gank Methods

Warp Disruption Bubbles

Warp Disruption Bubbles may be placed on gates or stations to trap ships.

  • Counter: Your BR should be fit with an interdiction nullifier before entering Pochven or Thera.
  • BRs should not travel through Pochven without a scout.
  • An alt in a shuttle is a viable method to scout ahead.
  • A microwarp drive should be fit instead of an afterburner to give the option of burning back to a gate in cloak with one cycle of the prop mod.

NPC Gank

Some of the powerful NPCs in Pochven can pose a very viable threat to a BR.

  • Counter: Treat NPC ships the same as you would a player.
  • Even with dual positive Triglavian and Edencomm standings, drifters and drones can still pose a threat.
  • Use insta dock and undock bookmarks

Best Practices

Always Cloak

BRs should always use their covert ops cloak while traveling.

Remember That BRs Can't Be Cargo Scanned

BRs are unable to be cargo scanned. This means that every BR is a target of equal interest to gankers. Always fly as though you are carrying the maximum collateral limit.

Use Insta Dock/Undock Bookmarks

BRs should always intend to use insta dock/undock bookmarks if possible as they are very suspectible to ganks while sitting on a station. If no bookmark is available the "Stop, Align, Warp" method listed in the Jump Freighter section is the next best approach.

Jump Freighter

Jump Freighter work takes planning and patience. Never rush through a JF contract as a small mistake can lead to a devastating loss.

High-Sec Gank Methods

HS Gate Bumping

Similar to a freighter bump gank, gankers may attempt to bump a JF with a Macherial, or similar, to prevent the JF from entering warp while the gank fleet warps in.

  • Counter: When you are bumped, or see an intentional bump about to occur, jump to an e-cyno immediately.
  • Do not wait and give the gankers time to apply tackle that may prevent your e-cyno jump.
  • If there is a gank fleet in system when you enter, do not give them time to bump you. Jump to your e-cyno from gate cloak (see method below).

Suicide Tackle

Insta-lock suicide tacklers may already be on, or may warp to, gates in HS to tackle your JF with a gank fleet close behind. This is frequently done in high-JF traffic systems near Jita to catch JFs attempting to reach Jita.

  • Counter: Jump to your e-cyno from gate cloak (see method below).
  • Signs of a suicide tackle gank:
  • 2-3 Procurers, Moas, Hawks, or Mallers sitting at zero on a gate
  • 2-3 Procurers, Moas, Hawks, or Mallers appearing on d-scan after you enter the system
  • A large number of Talos, Catalysts or Tornados located on d-scan range of the gate
  • A Mobile Scan Inhibitor (d-scan inhibitor) anchored in d-scan range of the gate, used to obscure the large number of Talos, Catalysts, or Tornados which are located near to the gate
  • A large number of known gankers located in local chat
  • Do not panic. Use your gate cloak timer to double check any intel you are unsure about, prepare your e-cyno if it is not lit, and start watching the cloak timer.
  • Focus on your cloak timer, NOT on the gankers.

Low-Sec Gank Methods

Cyno Gank

Cynos on the station will bring in multiple capitals or supercapitals to attempt to alpha a JF pilot aligning/warping to a gate, or who bumps after jumping to their cyno.

  • Counter: Position your cynos carefully. Be incredibly cautious if you attempt to align and warp to a gate. It is often advisable to jump to another gating system, or wait for the potential ganker-cyno to leave before attemping to align and warp.
  • Always use the Stop, Align, Warp method (see method below).
  • Do not assume that a Force Recon with no JF kills on their zKill aren't going to cyno in a ganking ship
  • Mobile Cynosural Beacons can also bring in gankers and last much longer than a regular cyno cycle

Undock Bump

Battleships or capital ships with a MWD, or a FAX with triage, may undock behind a JF to attempt to bump the JF outside of docking radius

  • Counter: Always use the Stop-Align-Warp method (see method below).
  • Always check the NPC Station guest list before undocking. Assume anyone in the station may attempt an undock gank.
  • If an undock gank is attempted, it is most likely best practice to attempt to gate from a different system.
  • Be familiar with docking radii - stations with a smaller radius are more at-risk for an undock bump.
  • Docking radii are indicated by the ring of lights around the station
  • Information on station docking radii can be found here:

LS Gate Bumping

Macherials, Panthers, capital ships, etc. may be located on or near the stargate to attempt to bump a JF out of docking radius as it lands on grid when warping to the gate. Alternatively, a cyno may be lit on or near the gate to bring multiple BLOPs into the system once you are in warp to bump you off the gate.

  • Counter: Always have an e-cyno in an in-range system and use the Jump From Warp method to jump to your e-cyno.
  • If a gate bump is attempted, do not attempt to warp to that gate again while the bumper remains in system. It is easier to predict where you will land once they've seen you warp once.
  • Higher, varied warp speed makes it difficult for gate bumpers to predict your landing location.
  • If possible, fit Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerators on your JF
  • If in range, always check D-Scan as you're aligning to the gate and in warp to see if anything decloaks
  • Bookmarks positioned inside the gate may reduce the chance of a succesful bump
  • Using Warp-to-0 instead of Jump to initiate warp may reduce the chance of a succesful bump. The jump command may be given once in warp; however, this negates the end-of-warp invulnerability timer.
  • If you do not give the Jump command once in warp, you will have an extra couple seconds of phase change invulnerability at the end of your warp that can be used to jump to your e-cyno.

Bait Cyno Beacon

Pharolux Cyno Beacons can be configured via Access Control List (ACL) to Public in order to bait JF pilots into accidentally jumping to them.

  • Counter: Utilize Fleet Broadcasts, Fleet Window, or the Fleet Watch List for every JF jump so that you do not have the option to click on the bait cyno beacon.
  • Always have your cynos in fleet with your JF pilot

Null-Sec Gank Methods

Catch and Drag Bubbles

Catch and Drag Bubbles are frequently used to catch JFs warping between Structures or celestials in null-sec.

  • Counter: Do not attempt to warp between structures or celestials in Null-Sec.
  • Best - and expected - practice when visiting multiple structures in a NS system is to jump out to a cyno in another system, and then jump back to the next station.

Station Bubble

Stations with a short undock radius may be bubble camped to prevent JFs from jumping out.

  • Counter: Be familiar with docking radii. If there is a bubble, redock.
  • Information on station docking radii can be found here:
  • If your cyno is still in system, it can be a valuable scout
  • If you are bubbled in, it may be best to log off your JF and cyno so the campers lose interest
  • If you are being camped by a member of the alliance you are delivering for, it may be possible to contact them, or the client, via your Pusher to explain that you are delivering for their alliance. Do NOT reveal the identity of the client - the client may reveal that themselves to the campers should they choose to do so.

Best Practices

Prefer Low Sec

Jump freighters are safest jumping from cyno to cyno in Low Sec space. Whilst flying a JF through HS is allowed, and can be appropriate, it should be done with caution. Common freighter gank systems, such as Uedama, should be avoided.

Low Sec to High Sec E-Cyno

The best counter to a LS Gate Bump gank is to jump from warp to an e-cyno in an in-range system. As such, best practice dictates having a e-cyno ready in case a gate bumper decloaks once you are in warp or attempts to bump you on the gate. PIR's Router can help you find in-range systems; other members of the JF Team may also have recommendations.

High Sec Gating E-Cyno

It is expected that a PushX JF pilot carrying PushX freight have an e-cyno ready any time they are gating through HS as this the best counter to every gank method. PIR can recommend e-cyno systems in the Router. A cyno, ready to light, tethered on a citadel, is usually the safest e-cyno.


Although D-Scan is often less helpful for freighter pilots, D-Scan is essential to the safety of a JF pilot, especially in busy systems like Jita where Local chat may be difficult to skim. Check for tackle ships, gank ships, and d-scan inhibitors regularly.

Undock Checklist

Before undocking, especially in a dangerous system or station, it is best practice to check:

  • You have enough isotopes in your fuel bay
  • You have enough ozone in your cyno(s)
  • Your JF pilot is in fleet with you cyno/e-cyno
  • You are in range of your intended cyno/e-cyno
  • You have the courier wrap (if applicable)
  • You have additional cyno hulls/fuel/fittings as needed
  • Who/How many guests are in the NPC Station

Correct Methods for Jumping to a Cyno

Always jump to a cyno via the fleet window, fleet broadcast window, or fleet watchlist.

  • NEVER right click your capacitor to find a cyno to jump to.
  • To jump to a fleet member, right click the member in your fleet or fleet chat and click "Jump To". This option only appears when the cyno is lit. This option does not appear if the cyno was lit before joining the fleet, or if the cyno disconnects and rejoins the fleet while still lit.
  • To use fleet broadcast, have your cyno alt broadcast the cyno beacon by clicking the option menu in the fleet window, and choosing to broadcast your cyno; then right click the fleet broadcast and select "Jump". This method can be used to jump to a cyno that has disconnected.
  • To use the watch list method, add your cyno alt(s) to the watch list, and right click them and select "Jump To". This option appears when the cyno is lit. This option does not appear if the cyno was lit before joining the fleet, or if the cyno disconnects and rejoins the fleet while still lit.


  • It is best practice to scout ahead of your JF when traveling through frequent JF ganking systems, especially near Jita.
  • In Jita, your scout should be checking d-scan for signs of a suicide tackle gank. Gankers may show up on D-Scan shortly before your JF enters the system.
  • Webbing a JF may be helpful, but is not as reliable or safe as jumping to an e-cyno from gate cloak.
  • A cloaky scout will give gankers less intel about your intended routing.

Essential Techniques

Cyno Beacon Positioning

  • Enable your tactical overlay as this will allow you to scroll over your cyno module and see the radius your JF can land in. Use this to position your cyno.
  • You want your cyno field radius to avoid touching the structure when possible as this can bump
  • You want your cyno field inside the ring of lights that indicate the docking radius so your JF lands within docking range
  • Use cyno bookmarks from a trusted source as available
  • Always assess your cyno positioning and bump-risk before lighting your cyno
  • The following link contains a suggested cyno location for each station model:

Jump to an E-Cyno from Gate Cloak

This is an essential High Sec gating safety technique.

  • It is best practice to wait for the red fatigue jump timer to expire before undocking a JF.
  • As soon as you realize you need to jump, verify that your e-cyno
  • Is in a good position. If it is not, you may have to jump anyway, but should be aware before you do
  • Has fuel
  • Is in fleet with your JF pilot
  • Light your e-cyno when there is approximately 10 seconds left on the gate cloak
  • Hover your mouse on the "Jump To" button
  • On the last tick (as the timer ends, at 0), hit "Jump To"
  • If you think you hit it too soon, hit "Jump To" again
  • If this is done correctly, gankers will not have time to lock you as you will jump on the same tick that you decloak

Jump to an E-Cyno from Warp

This is an essential Low Sec Gate Bump counter.

  • It is best practice to wait for the red fatigue jump timer to expire before undocking a JF.
  • Check D-Scan repeatedly as soon as you are in range of the gate (whether aligning or in warp).
  • If you are in warp and see a bumping ship on d-scan, immediately light your e-cyno. REMEMBER: You CANNOT jump to a cyno in the same system.
  • Hover your mouse over the "Jump To" button.
  • On the last tick of your warp - as the blue velocity bar passes 50% on it's way down - hit "Jump To"
  • If you think you hit it too soon, hit "jump To" again
  • If you use "Warp to 0" instead of "Jump" to initiate warp, and do not hit "Jump" to queue the gate jump command while in warp, you will have an additional few seconds of post-warp invulnerability in which you can jump to your e-cyno.

Stop, Align, Warp (S.A.W.) Method

This is the correct way to warp a JF to a gate from a station in Low Sec. This is also a safer way to warp a JF in High Sec when you think there is a gank risk.

  • Immediately upon undocking, press Ctrl+Space to start stopping your JF. This will not break the undock invulnerability. (This step is not necessary when initiating a warp from gate cloak).
  • When your JF is at 25% velocity or less, and you're sure your ten second session change timer is complete, begin aligning your JF to the gate.
  • When you are at 75% of your maximum velocity, initiate warp.
  • This method will allow you to re-dock while aligning at the first sign of danger.
  • If you are undocking from a station with a small docking radii, inertial stabilizers and expanded cargohold modules will reduce how far your JF travels while slowing down and aligning.
  • Information on station docking radii can be found here: