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Part of hauling with Push Industries is knowing how to protect your assets (namely your ships). As a Pusher you will have to fly a freighter as well as provide 1 billion ISK or more as collateral for the contract you accept. However, the reward for the courier may be as little as just a few million ISK. As a jump freighter pilot (JF Pilot) you will be flying a jump freighter worth much more than a normal freighter and in more dangerous space. The safety of the assets you use to deliver contracts (your ships) is very important and it is necessary that you try to protect your ships.

Be Aware of Your Gank Profile

Your “Gank Profile” refers to how appealing and susceptible your hauler is to gankers as a potential gank target.
Factors that affect your gank profile include the EHP of your ship, double wraps and assembled containers, the value of your freight, ability to be scam-ganked via duels, etc.
You should be aware of your gank profile while hauling.

Ship and Cargo Scanners

One method that ganking groups use to help ascertain your gank profile is scanning your ship and cargo before you reach a ganking hotspot.
Blackbirds, Herons, Maulus, and Sunesis are ships commonly used for this purpose. You will see them sitting on gates, scanning passing haulers.

Practices to Reduce Your Gank Profile

  1. A hauler’s total cargo value should never exceed the PushX collateral limit for that ship class. Excessive freight value raises your gank profile.
  2. A freighter should never carry double-wrapped couriers or a courier package containing an assembled container. These prevent cargo scanning and therefore raise your gank profile.
  3. Hauler pilots should ensure that all Duel Invitations are Blocked. If you need to duel to web, send the duel invitation from your hauler.
  4. Be aware that conversation invitations can be an attempt to distract you. If you intend to engage in conversation, ensure the immediate safety of your ship.
  5. Haulers should ideally be in a fleet of their own (with your own alts).


Freighter pilots make up the backbone of PushX, moving more m3 through more systems than any other class of freight. Despite the relatively low skill requirements for a freighter pilot, the in-game knowledge necessary to be a top notch freight pilot remains high.
PushX only operates freighters in High-Sec, so our asset protection procedures will focus solely on the dangers in High Security Space.

Types of Freighter Ganking

In High Sec, there is a danger of a "freighter gank" where a group of players aim to immobilize and destroy your freighter before CONCORD arrives on grid to destroy all of their ships. Multiple groups exist who practice various techniques with great success, and immediately afterwards they will use other characters to loot your freighter wreck for profits to fuel their next gank. Long standing examples of this have happened in many of the 0.5/0.6 systems on the major trade routes, but even higher true-sec systems, up to and including 1.0 systems, are not immune from freighter ganking.
Several types of freighter ganking methods exist.

Bump and Gank

The bump and gank method is the most common type of freighter gank. Typically, a Machariel will bump your freighter out of alignment to prevent your ability to warp. This then allows a group of DPS ships, often Catalysts, Coercers, stealth bombers, or Talos, to warp in and destroy your freighter.
  • The type and number of DPS ships will vary depending on the system and your freighter type and fit
  • In the September 11, 2019 patch, CCP added a 3 minute max warp timer, so a bumper has only 3 minutes to bump you before they must either gank you or utilize suicide tackle to restart your 3 minute warp timer.

Suicide Tackle and Gank

The Suicide Tackle and Gank is the most common method utilized by Jason Kusion in Uedama, and pilots need to be acutely aware of how it works.
  • A suicide tackle ship, often a Gnosis, Blackbird, Maller, Moa,or Procurer, will apply tackle to your freighter as soon as you initiate your warp from the gate.
  • The suicide tackle ship has often been observed to be the scanner ship from the previous system following the freighter into Uedama.
  • An awaiting DPS fleet will warp in and destroy your vessel prior to destruction of the suicide tackle by gate guns or CONCORD.
  • This fleet is typically located on short d-scan from the gate and is a certain sign of an impending gank.

Bait Courier Contract Gank

In this case, the alt of a ganker will create a public courier contract with a relatively high reward, but with a volume that typically requires a double or triple expanded freighter. The collateral value of the courier contract will be excessveily high, 5-20 billion ISK. An unaware pilot will accept the contract due to the high reward, only to discover that the contents of the courier do not match the value of the collateral. They will be subsequently hunted and ganked using one of the methods above. The freighter pilot is forced to fail the courier contract, resulting in the collateral being kept by the gankers.
  • Never trust a high reward, high m3, high collateral public freighter contract, particularly ones which require travel through 0.5/0.6 systems
  • Always check the issuers of a contract for past scam activity
  • The contents of these couriers will frequently be assembled containers, with additional random items outside of the containers but still in the courier wrap that allow a gank scanner to identify the target freighter with their contract.

Duel Scam Gank

With the addition of the Duel Invite system, enterprising players have attempted to scam unsuspecting players into accepting a Duel Invite for "assistance" - and then the assistance arrives in the form of armed combat and the destruction of their freighter.
  • Duel Scams often start with a bump machariel bumping you
  • Another "friendly" pilot will convo you and assure you that he is there to help
  • Once the duel invite for assistance is accepted, the same "friendly" pilot will begin to kill your freighter without CONCORD interferance
  • The bump machariel and the "friendly" pilot will often by the same person behind the keyboard

Methods to Avoid Ganks

There are no assured ways to ensure your freighter is never ganked, but PushX recommends some best practices to help minimize the risks.

Use a Webbing Alt

The use of a webbing alt is highly recommended when passing through hotzones such as Odin or Uedama. A webbing alt (or webber) can be any ship with 3 or more 55-60% stasis webifiers on it. After a stargate jump if you activate the webs on your freighter, the freighter's max speed will be reduced allowing it to get into warp nearly instantly. Here is a video demonstrating the tactic. To web your freighter without getting CONCORDed your webber must be in the same corp as your hauler or your webber must accept a duel from your hauler.
NOTE: Suicide tacklers can warp disrupt your freighter in the same tick as your webs apply, preventing your freighter from warping. Webbing should not be seen as a counter to suicide tackle.
PushX recommends pilots utilize a ship with a web range bonus
  • This includes the Hyena, Vigil Fleet Issue, Huginn, and Rapier, in order of least to most preferred.
  • All Pushers should intend to train to fly the Rapier as their webbing ship of choice. The Vigil Fleet Issue is the preferred webbing frigate before the Rapier is an option.
  • This class of ship must be fitted with appropriate buffer tank to ward against casual, low-cost ganks of your webber
  • This class of ship must be fitted with a minimum of 3 stasis webifiers, ideally 55-60% webs, in order to effectively web any freighter or freighter fit into an immediate warp
  • If using a frigate to web, the best method is to "Warp to Fleet Member" from a nearby bookmark while the freighter is still under the gate cloak. This will allow you to quickly, and safely, get your frigate in range to web.
Webbing is a useful tool but it is not recommended to web all the time or when is it not needed.
  • A freighter being webbed on every gate can draw attention to the freighter as it looks as though it has valuable cargo.
  • If a freighter is being webbed, ganker scanners can not scan the cargo and assume the freighter is carrying high value cargo so gankers may form a whole fleet and pull out all the tricks to kill the freighter, including suicide tackle. Then, even if the freighter is found to not have valuable cargo gankers will probably still kill it for fun since a fleet has already been formed.
  • PushX policy for Pushers is to only web on gates when needed to avoid danger
A Webbing Alt is your most valuable scout
  • A Webbing alt will notice the presence of a bumping machariel prior to your freighter entering the system, allowing you to prepare to web safely past them. This helps you avoid Bump and Gank efforts or Duel Invite Scam efforts.
  • A webbing alt will also notice the signs and symptoms of a Suicide Tackle and Gank effort. The presence of the DPS fleet on short-dscan from the gate, combined with obvious suicide tackle ships at zero on the incoming gate are giveways that your freighter is in danger
  • If your freighter pilot has been cargo scanned in the previous system, and your scout is seeing the signs of a Suicide Tackle Gank, your freighter is in danger
  • A webber as a scout can ensure that your freighter does not jump the gate into a Suicide Tackle and Gank setup. A webber cannot defeat suicide tackle, but it can help ensure a freighter does not enter the system.

Log Off Trick

If you are being actively bumped, a webber will no longer work. Never take a duel from somebody that is offering to help you (with webs or anything else) that you do not know and trust. Another option to try is the log off trick.
If certain conditions are met your ship will disappear from space after 1 minute even if your ship can not warp or is locked by another ship. There are a few steps to the log off trick.
  1. You can not have any timers.
    • If you have webbed yourself you will have a 15 minute log out timer. Since webbing after a bump does not help anyways, it's best to not web after getting bumped because that will prevent you from doing the log off trick without having to wait 15 minutes.
  2. Stop the warp on your ship by hitting Control+Space.
  3. Open Esc menu and click "Log Off", NOT Safe Log Off.

If these steps are followed your ship will disappear from space after 1 minute even if your ship is locked.
  • This trick will work if the other players are bumping you just for fun or ransom
  • The log trick can be negated by the aggressors shooting your freighter with a rookie ship, thus giving you a timer and preventing your ship from disappearing.
  • It is not recommended to use this trick in systems where gankers are actively using suicide tackle, such as Niarja or Uedama, as the odds of your ship being aggressed in under 60 seconds are quite high, negating the effectiveness and safety of the mechanic.
Here is an YouTube video example of the log off trick working.

DST - High Sec/Thera/Pochven

DSTs Do Not Enter Low Sec or Null Sec

DSTs carrying PushX freight should not be taken through Low Sec or Null Sec. The customer is being charged for the safest route.

Cloak+MWD Mechanic

Deep Space Transports should be equipped with a Cloak and a Microwarp Drive to perform the Cloak+MWD Mechanic.

The Cloak+MWD Mechanic is the most essential tool for a DSTs safety (other than intel) and should be used in any common gank system, any active system, or any time there is reason to believe there is ganker activity. Cloak+MWD can be used on every warp.

See this video for a tutorial on how to do the Cloak+MWD mechanic.

DST Gank Methods

Tornadoes are the most common ship used to gank DSTs; however, any ganking fleet may attempt to gank a DST.

Freighter Gank Fleet

A freighter gank fleet using suicide tackle and an off-grid fleet may also gank a DST if they are able to acquire tackle on a DST.

Usually, these fleets will not have a decloaking method in place; however, Concord or a lot of ships on gate may incidentally decloak a DST.

A dual prop DST could attempt to overheat and burn to gate once tackled; otherwise, overheating modules and attempting to warp off is best practice.

These ganks are most likely in common ganking systems.

Alpha Damage

An alpha damage fleet will attempt to kill an uncloaked DST on gate using the high burst damage of tornadoes before the DST is able to warp off.

The fleet of Tornadoes may camp directly on the gate or a short distance off grid with the intent of warping to grid.

Always check grid and D-Scan before dropping gate cloak and starting to Cloak+MWD.

Generally, Cloak+MWD should prevent these ganks from being a threat.

In the event that bad luck or error results in the DST being decloaked, overheating your defenses and continuing to attempt to warp off is your best chance of survival.

Understanding Cloak+MWD and having sufficient EHP are the keys to surviving this style of gank.

Decloaking Frigate

A variation of the Alpha Damage ganking method, gankers may also use a fast moving frigate - such as the Dramiel - to attempt to decloak the DST while they're doing the Cloak+MWD method.

If you believe you're going to be decloaked during your Cloak+MWD, begin by initiating your Cloak+MWD and then overheating your mid or low rack (for shield or armor tank respectively) so that when you are decloaked your modules are already overheated and ready to activate; attempt to warp off.

Pochven and Thera

In Pochven and Thera bubbles are a significant threat to a DST. Your DST should be fit with an interdiction nullifier module before entering Pochven or Thera.

DSTs should never travel through Thera or Pochven without a scout. An alt in a shuttle is a very viable method to scout ahead.

Running a dual prop (MWD + Afterburner) fit may offer a second chance to burn back to a gate or out of a bubble in the event that the hauler gets caught. Due to the importance of overheating to the DSTs survival, often the sub warp speed offered by an afterburner can outweigh the benefits of additional tank.

BR - High Sec/Low Sec/Thera/Pochven

Blockade Runners should not be used in Null Sec because of bubbles. Even with a cloak, bubbles greatly increase your risk. BR contracts should stay in the highest security of space that the contract allows. That means High Sec contracts should not be taken through Low Sec as a shortcut. The customer is being charged for the safest route.

Remember these important attributes about these ships:

BRs are not scannable and fit a Covert Ops cloak meaning they can warp cloaked.


Using specialized bookmarks to immediately warp away from a station or immediately dock are key to flying a BR properly.
Blockade Runners are particularly vulnerable on station because they have little EHP. Instalock Tornadoes will often try to one shot kill BRs that are docking or undocking at station.
See the Docking/Undocking section for more information.


Blockade Runners should always have a Covert Ops Cloak and should always use it. Blockade Runners usually die to insta-lock Tornadoes on station or gates. Blockade Runners' cargo can not be scanned so gankers never know what you have or if you are empty and will gank you on chance. For this reason, you must use the covert-ops cloak for each warp.
A potential threat are gatecamps that prevent you from cloaking immediately after initiating warp. Usually this is done by littering a gate with tons of drones or containers so that you are always within 2000 m of an object, preventing you from cloaking. Paired with an insta-locking tackle ship this is a pretty much failsafe way of catching BRs. The only way to avoid this kind of camp is to use a scout.


Some dangers in low sec are gate camps and station camps. Scouting is always recommended and knowing the proper procedures for flying industrials is important. For small deliveries to Low sec you should always use a proper ship with a proper fit.
If necessary, warp to a station at 100km while cloaked to view the activity on the station before warping your hauler there.

Thera Dangers

Our only wormhole serviced is Thera which has a mix of Low Sec and Null Sec risks. Entrances can be heavily camped at times, especially when they are near trade hubs. There are also interdiction spheres (bubbles) as in Null Sec which usually occur around stations.
PushX has many Thera safe spots in corp bookmarks which can be used to bounce celestials to avoid landing in bubbles. Haulers should never warp from the wormhole to the station as a bubble could be placed there. Always use an interceptor alt to scout entrances and stations before entering or warping in Thera.
DST pilots should also be advised that High Sec wormholes will not accept your ship through if its stability has been compromised.
See for more information.

Jump Freighter

Jump Freightering takes planning and patience. Never rush through a JF contract as a small mistake can lead to a devastating loss.

Types of JF Ganking

  1. Bump Machariels may attempt to bump a JF to prevent warp and give time for a gank fleet to arrive
  2. Insta-lock suicide tacklers may be pre-staged on certain gates to ensure a JF remains tackled while a gank fleet warps in to kill the JF. This is frequently done in high-JF traffic systems near Jita to catch JFs attempting to reach Jita.
  3. Signs and Symptoms of a HS JF suicide tackle fleet include:
    • 2-3 Procurers, Moas, Hawks, or Mallers sitting at zero on a gate
    • A large number of Talos or Tornados located on short-dscan range of the gate
    • A Mobile Scan Inhibitor (dscan inhibitor) anchored on short-dscan range of the gate, used to obscure the large number of Talos or Tornados which are located near to the gate
    • A large number of known gankers located in local chat, such as Jason Kusion, The Tax Collectors, etc
  1. Recon Cynos on undocks will bring in multiple capitals or supercapitals to attempt to alpha a JF pilot who sloppily undocks and warps to a gate, or who selects a poor cyno position on certain station models and bumps outside of docking range
  2. Capital Ships with capital MWD or FAX with triage may undock behind a JF in an attempt to bump the JF outside of docking radius
  3. Machariels and Omen Navy Issue may be located near the out-gate to High-sec in certain low-sec system and will attempt to bump a JF outside of gate jump range
  1. Catch and Drag bubbles are frequently used to catch JFs warping between Structures or celestials in null-sec.
  2. Stations with short undock radius may be bubble camped to catch or trap JFs from exiting

Prefer Lowsec

JFs should use cynos in Low Sec to travel as much as possible. Avoid gating your JF through High Sec as much as possible. Our JF prices are price-pointed to meet this security requirement. If leaving from Jita you should usually jump your JF directly to a Low Sec system on your route, particularly when your JF is carrying PushX freight.

Cynos and Docking/Undocking

There is the danger of having your cyno ship destroyed before, during or after your jump, having your freighter bumped off station, or being station camped.
Here are some guides that help with cyno placement and knowing the dangerous stations for cynos and undocking.

Bait Cyno Beacon Traps

Pharolux Cyno Beacon Upwell Structures can cause issues as some of them are traps to catch JF pilots who are not careful. Pharolux Cyno Beacons can be configured via Access Control List (ACL) to Public, so some enterprising players set traps hoping a JF pilot will accidentally jump to their bait cyno beacon rather than the JF pilot's fleet cyno. These are usually found in range of trade hubs such as Jita, but can be located anywhere in Sov Null-sec. If you right click the capacitor it will show all valid jump beacons in range along with your in fleet cyno. If you click the wrong one you will most likely be killed by landing in a trap.
  1. To avoid this, PushX strongly recommends JF pilots utilize Fleet Broadcasts or the Fleet Watch List for every JF jump
    • To jump to a fleet member, right click the member in your fleet window or chat, click Jump To. This options appears when a cyno is lit.
    • To use fleet broadcast, have your cyno alt broadcast the cyno beacon after lighting it, then your JF right clicks the fleet broadast and select jump.
    • To use the watchlist method, add your cyno alt(s) to the watchlist, and right click and jump to any watchlist member with an active cyno.

Exit Cynos in High Sec

One of the most effective ways to get your JF out of danger in High Sec is by jumping to a cyno in Low Sec and away from potential aggressors. Exits cynos should be in place before your JF enters High Sec. Be sure to use our route tool found in PIR to show you where to place your exit cynos. We have some citadels in strategic locations to assist placing e-cynos. An e-cyno can sit tethered on a citadel for safety while it waits.
  • When gating through required High-Sec systems, Pushers are required to ensure they have an in-range e-cyno available.
  • Using a scout or webber alt to check systems before your JF takes the gate into them is a great first step in avoid bumpers and insta-lock gank traps.
Escaping traps safely using an Insta-Jump
The best technique for a JF pilot to escape danger in High Sec is to use an Insta-Jump to an exit cyno. Insta-point gankers can counter your insta-webs. The winner of that will be whoever has a better ping, and in the event of a similar ping, the tackle will defeat the webs.
  1. The Insta-Jump to Exit cyno will only save you if you use it properly. JFs are most vulnerable when taking gates in High-Sec
    • Ensure that at every gate in High-Sec, you utilize dscan, check the ships on the gate, and check for known gankers in local before breaking your 60 second gate cloak
    • If any of the Signs and Symptoms of a Insta-Lock JF gank are present, a JF pilot should immediately begin the process of the Insta-Jump
    • JF pilots are strongly encouraged to practice the Insta-Jump on SiSi to ensure competency, so that when the time comes to use it, the stress of the situation is overridden by your training and practice.
To perform the Insta-Jump
Wait for your 60 second Gate Clock timer to end. When it hits 0, jump out to your exit cyno. You can use the sound of the timer ending as an additional indicator is you have sound on.
Step by steps below:
Have your cyno ready to light
  • Watch your blue timer in the top left corner. This is your decloak timer. Light your cyno about 10 seconds before decloak timer ends.
  • Right click fleet member who lit the cyno, go to Jump To Member then HOVER only over the jump to location. DO NOT click it at this point only hover.
  • As soon as the timer ends click the Jump To to cyno out.
The blue decloak timer is synced with the server ticks so when the timer hits 0 the game has you set as decloaked. This gives you a whole tick to input the Jump To command. If performed correctly your JF should not be able to be caught because it will be cynod out in the tick immediately after the decloak tick.

Low-Sec to High-Sec

Undocking from Low Sec stations is a vulnerable moment for JFs. If large ships undock behind you (Battleships, Capitals, etc.) or a cyno lights (indicates an incoming super drop) immediately dock up. If you have already initiated warp you must cancel your warp (Ctrl+Space) before you can dock.
  • Always undock and stop your ship first (Ctrl+Space). Once your ship as reduced to approximately 25% speed or less, and ensuring that your 10 second session change timer is completed, begin aligning your ship to the desired out-gate.
  • Once you have reached 3/4 sub-warp speed, initiate warp to the gate.
  • Do this so you can dock up instantly if there is any sign of danger. Some low sec attacks happen very fast and needing to Ctrl+Space to stop your warp will typically end in your death.
  • Ensure that your Jump Fatigue Red Timer has expired before exiting a station, so that you can jump to an e-cyno in another system or back to your Low-sec cyno once reaching High-sec.
JFs can be bumped off a LS gate when warping to the gate so it is best practice to have an e-cyno in a near system.
The High-Sec border gate should always be scouted as that is one area where JFs can die to a gank squad on the other side of the gate waiting to point your JF.

Null Sec

Null Sec has all the dangers of Low Sec but with the extra danger of interdiction warp disruption bubbles which can draw an incoming ship off course during warp to arrive tens or hundreds of kilometers away from the intended destination and if inside the interdiction bubble unable to warp to a safe spot or station. These bubbles are colloquially known as "Drag Bubbles" or "Catch Bubbles."
PushX policy is to never warp between stations or Upwell Structures in Null-sec to avoid being caught in a bubble. JF Pilots should cyno out to a nearby system before coming back, in the event of multiple contracts or deliveries inside of the same system with multiple structure.


Docking and undocking from stations poses their own threats for haulers. PushX has corp books marks for insta-docks and insta-undocks. There are appropriate times to use each.


When a ship warps to a station it may not land within docking range of the station thus having to burn in and making the ship a target. You will be able to dock when your distance from the station is at 0km. This can be a problem when there is someone on the undock waiting to kill a hauler. Outside of Jita 4-4 gankers wait for vulnerable blockade runners to land for an easy and possibly juicy kill. An instadock will warp you directly into docking range every time so you can dock immediately upon exiting warp.


Undocking can pose an issue when someone is outside of the station waiting to target you while your ships aligns to the outgate. An insta-undock is a bookmark directly in front of the undock of a station and is far out from the station undock usually 150km or farther. When you undock and warp to the insta-undock bookmark your ship will warp instantly and out of range. Freighters SHOULD NOT use insta-undocks. Freighters can be easily scanned down and a bumping ship can be warped to you and you'll have no where to dock.

Triglavian Invasion Content

In the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, additional difficulties for haulers have been generated. Pilots need to be aware of the Triglavian and EDENCOM threat to ensure safe passage of their personal assets and PushX Freight.
You need positive EDENCOM standing to safely travel through EDENCOM systems and positive Triglavian standing to safely travel through Triglavian systems.
It is possible to be neutral to both sides of the conflict by acquiring EDENCOM and Triglavian standings killing Rogue Drones or Sleepers. This is the best practice - and required - for PushX haulers.
By default - with no standings - your hauler is considered hostile to Triglavians and neutral to EDENCOM.

EDENCOM and Triglavian Systems and Fleets

Systems affected by the Triglavian Invasion content are divided into EDENCOM and Trig Systems. Both are heavily defended by the corresponding faction with aggressive, heavily armed fleets and turrets on stations and gates.
  • There are two kinds of EDENCOM systems in HS and LS: EDENCOM Fortresses and EDENCOM Minor Victory systems. They are defended by EDENCOM and faction fleets and Gunstar turrets.
  • There are two kinds of Triglavian systems in HS and LS: Triglavian Minor Victories and Triglavian Major Victories. They are defended by Triglavian fleets and Entropic Disintergrator Werpost turrets.
  • Both Triglavian and EDENCOM Fleets can spawn outside of Triglavian and EDENCOM affected systems and will be hostile to capsuleers without the appropriate standings.
It is possible to navigate Triglavian and EDENCOM systems and roaming fleets using the same techniques (e.g. Cloak/MWD, Cov Ops Cloaking, Scouting and Webbing, bookmarks, etc) that are used to avoid capsuleer gankers; however, this is not best practice, and is not acceptable for PushX haulers.

Achieving Standing

Achieving standings of 0.0 or greater will make EDENCOM neutral towards you.
Achieving standings greater than 0.0 will make Triglavians neutral towards you.
This is the mandatory best practice for PushX haulers.
  • Kill credit on an Edencom ship will give Trig standings and lose Edencom standings.
  • Kill credit on a Triglavian ship will give Edencom standings and lose Trig standings.
  • Kill credit on a Rogue Drone, Sleeper, or Drifter will give both positive Edencom and positive Trig standings.
The most optimal method, to the best of our knowledge at this time, involves getting kill credit on a Rogue Drone or Drifter in Pochven. The following is one way to cheaply accomplish this:

Set Up

  1. Swap to a blank clone
  2. The following fit is very cheap and it is fast enough to kite away and warp off. It has three targeting range scrips so you can paint from 100km+
[Vigil, Pochven Diver]
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector
Type-D Restrained Overdrive Injector

Phased Scoped Target Painter
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster
F-90 Compact Sensor Booster

Prototype Cloaking Device I

Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I
Small Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

Targeting Range Script x3


  1. Grab a Pochven Filament (Border/Internal ideally)
  2. Use the filament to go to Pochven
  3. Warp at 100km to every warpable object (planet/moon/station/gate/beacon/etc) in the system until you find Drifters or Rogue Drones, ideally that are actively fighting Trigs or Edencomm
  4. Use D-Scan to help you find Drifters or Rogue Drones
  5. If you cannot find any Drifters or Rogue Drones, you can try moving to another system.
  6. Target a Drifter/Rogue Drone or two and target paint them. This will mark you as having contributed to their death if they die within the next - approximately - twenty minutes.
  7. Warp off to drop aggro
  8. You can chill at a bookmark in cloak, or watch them from cloak
  9. Wait for them to die fighting against Trigs or Edencomm - if they weren't in combat they will warp around every five minutes until they encounter a Trig or Edencomm fleet and start fighting
  10. You should receive standings for kill participation within twenty minutes of the Rogue Drone/Drifter dying
  11. You can either use an out (Extraction/Glorification) filament, or you can suicide your pod to get out of Pochven

Acceptable Risks

Risk is a part of EVE Online. No matter what you are doing or where you are there is always some risk, even if it is very minimal. Hauling involves risk too. Protecting your ships means understanding and managing the amount of risk involved when you accept and try to complete contracts. Where the risk is not considered to be "significant" for the type of ship you are piloting you are expected to complete courier contracts appropriate for the ship(s) that you fly unless an exception for you has been explicitly granted by a member of the Push Executive.
In the eyes of Push Industries "significant risk" applies only to situations where you are 80% sure that you WILL lose your ship trying to complete a contract. Risk is assessed on a contract-by-contract basis, not on a general level. Your assessment of risk MUST be based on recent kill mails from zKillboard, Dotlan statistics, in-game map statistics or in-game scouts. In other words you must have hard evidence to justify not accepting contracts.
The following table provides a general overview of what amount of risk specific hauling ships can take on (by security status):
T1 Industrials These should not be used in Push Industries as their tank is paper thin.
Freighters Slow and expensive, these ships should stay in high security space.
DST Tanky and quicker than a freighter DSTs can carry high value in high sec. They can also be used with a scout in Thera and Pochven.
BR Designed to tackle the dangers of low security and lawless space, these ships can be used in High Sec, Low Sec, Thera, and Pochven.
Jump Freighters These ships can go anywhere in HS, LS, or NS that there is a station to freely dock at.
Any other ship not listed in the table above should not be utilized for moving Push Industries contracts. Other ships such as covert ops ship or a tanked orca with a webber are not endorsed by Push and are not acceptable. There may also be a risk of removal from the corp if the risk was inappropriate for the route and collateral and a loss occurs.


The best way to prevent the loss of your ship is not to take unnecessary risks. As a Pusher you have the right NOT to take any contracts where you believe there is a significant risk of losing your ship (see Acceptable Risks for a corporate definition of "significant risk") or that you feel are too difficult to complete. As a member of Push Industries you will never be punished for trying to protect your ships.
Other ways to prevent the loss of your ship include not carrying extra freight or cargo that could make the value of your total cargo really high, double-wrapping so that random ships cannot scan your cargo (not in freighters), not using low sec short cuts and not using the autopilot feature are all very good ways to minimize risk.
Thera is a system where the general threat is usually low but can catch Pushers out. Utilizing a scout is highly recommended to prevent landing in a bubble or undocking into a station camp that has just materialized. Having your own bookmarks in addition to the corp ones is recommended.