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This article covers the procedures for moderating Push chat channels.

Push Internal

Push Internal is an internal chat channel just for Pushers and their out-of-corp haulers. No one else is allowed in this channel. No one but a Pusher or their out-of-corp hauler is to be invited to this channel. Invitations for out-of-corp haulers are to be done at special request only to keep the number of non-Push characters in the Push Internal channel to a minimum. All Pushers have the right to say anything they want in this channel. What is said in this channel, stays in this channel. However, chat in the Push Internal channel is expected to remain respectful.


The PushX channel is a public channel for customers to communicate with Pushers. People are allowed to socialize in the PushX channel. However, spamming the PushX channel, repeatedly using bad language, threatening Pushers or customers, mocking pushers or customers or anything else considered to be offensive will result that person's immediate block from the PushX channel.