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Push Industries currently uses the following channels:

  • Push Internal
  • PushX
  • PushX Public Discord

The corp and alliance channels are not used.

Push Internal

The Push Internal channel for Push Industries and is the place where all Pushers get together. It is operated by Push leadership. The Push Internal channel is restricted only to Pushers and to their out-of-corp haulers which can only be invited to by a Push Executive or Recruiter. Out-of-corp haulers will only be invited at special request from a Pusher and before an out-of-corp hauler is invited to the Push Internal channel it must first be verified that it belongs to that Pusher. This rule exists:

  1. To protect the security of the Push Internal channel.
  2. To keep the Push Internal channel from becoming filled with alts.

The purpose of inviting out-of-corp haulers is so that when a Pusher logs off their contractor they can still communicate easily with the rest of the corporation while they are making deliveries.


The PushX channel is a channel for our customers, and potential customers, where anyone can come to ask questions about contracts, ETAs, recruitment, or just generally socialize with Push. This channel is operated by the Push Executives and by Senior Pushers.

Specific and general complaints are also welcomed on the PushX channel but please ensure that they are not in a trolling, ranting, or raving manner, as this form of behavior goes against the intended tranquility of the channel and may result in temporary or permanent banning.

PushX Public Discord

The PushX Public Discord is an out of game chat system for Pushers and customers.

It can be joined here