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Below are the duties and expectations of all Pushers (regardless of rank or role) in Push Industries.

  1. You haul at your own risk.
  2. You are expected to supply your own ships.
  3. It is your duty to educate yourself on the corporation's policies and procedures.
  4. Monitor the PushX channel and provide customer assistance whenever necessary.
  5. Always treat customers with the respect and courtesy you would expect.
  6. Help other Pushers when they need it.
  7. Protect the corporation. Do not give away information about the corporation's internal workings or about Pushers to anyone outside the corporation.
  8. Try to be as active and involved with the corporation as possible. This includes giving a "o/" in Push Internal when you log in, checking the queue when you log in, reading the Push Internal and PushX MOTDs for updates and checking your corp mail.
  9. If you will be taking a long absence from EVE Online (more than a month), notify a Senior, Manager, or Executive so that we know you will be inactive for a while and how long you will be inactive for.
  10. If at any time you feel that you will no longer be able to participate in the corporation you are expected to notify a Push Manager or Executive.
  11. Do not use the Corp channel, PushX channel, Push Internal channel or corp mail to put down other members, spam, troll, harass or openly challenge the policies and decisions of Senior Pushers, Pusher Managers, or Push Executives.
  12. Uphold the rules of the EULA.
  13. Report any abuse or security breaches to Senior Pushers, Push Managers, or Push Executives.
  14. Hauling with your in-corp character is not allowed. This attracts war decs which causes issues for other corp members.
  15. Using PIR is mandatory. PIR sorts the contracts, enhances the data, and handles issues with contracts automatically.
  16. Only take contracts you intend to complete immediately or in the very near future. Do not accept contracts and leave for the night or let contracts wait or expire.
  17. If you encounter a problem or delay in delivering a contract, contact the customer to let them know and inform a Senior, Manager or Director of Push.
  18. You are expected to contribute to the corporation either by pushing contracts or by performing administrative tasks.
  19. You are expected to listen to the suggestions and follow the directions of Senior Pushers, Push Managers, and Push Executives.
  20. You are expected to always send a delivery mail upon contract completion unless the customer has a CSPA charge for more than 3,000 ISK or the individual has blocked communications thereby preventing you from doing so.
  21. All information about customers, their contracts, contents of their contracts, and any information privileged to Push Industries is to be confidential and not shared out side of the corp.
  22. PushX is a neutral corp. Push characters are not to be associated or used for the activities of 3rd party entities or scamming.
  23. Weekly corp dues should be paid within 1 week of the create date. More information about Dues