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Customer service is an integral part of Push Industries' service. We stand apart from other hauling corporations because we strive to provide excellent customer service. Customer service is the duty of every Pusher and Executive. No one is excluded from this duty. Customer service is to be handled by your Push Industries contractor only. This is to prevent scamming, false representation and other problems.

DOs and DON'Ts

The following are things you must do:

  1. Monitor the PushX channel
  2. Provide customers with their place in the queue and direct them to MyPushX -
  3. Help customers setup contracts to Push Industries

The following are things you must NOT do:

  1. Do not talk to customers on non-Push character (no alts, no haulers)
  2. Give the current location of an in-progress contract
  3. Tell a customer the name of the hauler who is carrying their package
  4. Help customers setup public contracts or contracts to other hauling corporations (Haulers Channel is there for that)
  5. Answer questions about queue position or recruitment on an out-of-corp hauler
  6. Have customers make contracts directly to your hauler
  7. Provide false or inaccurate information about a contract or Push Industries
  8. Acknowledge the existence of a contract to anyone other than the issuer

Discussing Service to Specific Corps, Alliances, or Structures

You may confirm that we service any structure listed publicly on the Structures page. If a client asks about a private structure, an alliance, a corp, or SOV space explain the following to the client

  • For operational security and the privacy of our clients, we cannot comment on what private structures/corps/alliances/SOV Space PushX services.
  • If we service a private structure you have docking rights too, it will show when you log into the Structures page.
  • If they would like private structure service, direct them to the SOV Service page.