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It is Push Industries' goal to provide excellent quality customer service. Part of this customer service is sending delivery mails upon delivery. You can use PIR to send automatically composed mails. Mails generated by PIR will be sent to the individual who issued the contract even it was on behalf of a corporation.

Multi-Contract Mails

If you are doing multiple contracts for one customer to and from the same places, and the completion times of those contracts are not separated by long intervals of time, just send one delivery mail marked with x + # of contracts (2x = for 2 contracts, 5x = for 5 contracts) in the title of the delivery mail (i.e. "2x Your Push Industries Delivery (Amarr > Jita)").

CSPA Charges and No Contact

Some clients set a high CSPA charge on incoming mails or the game does not allow them to receive communications. If the CSPA Charge is over 3,000 isk, or the client cannot receive mails, it is acceptable to not send a Delivery Mail.

Customer Preferences

Not all our customers want mails sent to them. These individuals will have no mail button beside their contract in the queue.