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Dues are corp fees owed by each member on a weekly basis. The dues are based off of your previous week's contract rewards. Each member is expected to pay their weekly dues and all members' dues are the same rate. Dues are used to grow PushX and bring in more business as well as rewards and benefits for PushX members. Dues are NOT used as an insurance system.


What amount is the contract reward dues?

  • 3% of your previous week's contract rewards.

How do I know how much I owe?

  • PIR, our internal tool, will keep track of it for you and clearly be displayed. You have a Dues page that shows your current dues and all your previous payment history.

How do I pay my dues?

  • See the instructions on your Dues page in PIR. It is important to pay into the correct wallet division called "Dues".

How long do I have to pay?

  • Dues are not considered late until 1 week has passed.

What if I am late paying my dues?

  • You have up to 4 weeks to pay dues before actions will be taken against you. Actions can also be taken against you if you acquire more than 500m in late dues.

What if I do not pay my dues?

  • You could be subject to immediate removal from the corp.

If I can not log in or my accounts expire what will happen?

  • If you are temporarily or permanently not able to play Eve or participate in Push Industries, please inform a PushX Manager or Executive that you will be away. You can be marked "On Leave" which can afford you extra time before actions will taken against you. Eventually, you character may still be removed from PushX.