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Below are the procedures for delivering contracts from the jump freight queue. Please note that all JF Pilots are expected to have their own jump freighter, at least one cyno and one scout account and at least 5 billion ISK in collateral. All JF Pilots must join the "PushJF" mailing list and be active in the JF Operations discord channel. Important jump freight announcements for JF Pilots will be sent via these pathways.

JF Queue Priority

PushX JF pilots are expected to have the expertise and willingness to help ensure customer satisfaction across all PushX services as this helps ensure we have the most incoming JF freight to complete. JF Pilots are therefore expected to prioritize the following situations in the listed order prior to completing the JF (or Standard) queue as normal:

  1. JF Rush contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  2. Standard Rush contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  3. JF contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  4. Standard contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  5. JF Rush contracts
  6. Standard contracts with less than 24 hours remaining

Working the JF Queue from The Top

As always, Pushers work the Queue from the top, and that includes the JF Rush and JF Non-Rush queue.
Given the nature of JF freight, however, it is understandable with time constraints that a Pusher may occasionally accept contracts not in Queue order, without making this a habit.
  • JF Pushers should read, understand, and adhere to the Corp Bulletin "JF: About cherry picking, easy contracts, and what to do."

"Bulk OPs" Policy

In the event that there are multiple duplicate Jump Freight contracts it is considered good Pusher etiquette to ask your fellow Jump Freight Pushers if they wish to team up to complete the contracts. This is often referred to as "bulk ops." Teamwork is important to the operation of PushX and Bulks OPs - by sharing cynos and intel - provide an opportunity to foster teamwork and community while completing contracts efficiently.


  1. Join the PushJF mailing list.
  2. Try to take the oldest JF contract in the queue first.
    • Contracts that have less than 12 hours before they expire are always higher priority than rush contracts.
    • New Rush contracts are always higher priority than normal contracts in the queue with more 24 hours before they expire.
    • If you see a high sec contract that you can complete while doing a JF contract it is acceptable and encouraged to accept and deliver the high sec contract as well.
    • Contracts should only be accepted from the queue if you can deliver the contract within 6 hours, barring unforeseen circumstances.
    • Because of the time it takes to deliver JF contracts, coordinate with the other JF Pilots and take the JF contracts nearest to you if other JF Pilots are on. Utilize the JF Operations Discord channel for this coordination.
  3. Use the PushJF mailing list to reserve JF couriers for round-trips, or reserve JF couriers that originate in dangerous/hard to cyno into locations, in order to communicate your intention to complete the JF contract, so that other JF Pilots do not take it. JF Pilots should check for new evemails to this list before accepting new contracts.
  4. Read the description of the JF contract before accepting it.
  5. Never use Autopilot in a Jump Freighter. Autopilot and a defenseless, expensive ship is asking for trouble. All PushX pilots are expected to deliver freight while At The Keyboard (ATK).
  6. Do not use stargates in low or null sec systems to deliver JF contracts.
  7. Check the Push Internal MOTD and PushX MOTD for any announcements regarding the jump freight service.
  8. Upon delivering the package send a delivery mail to the customer (see Delivery Mails for more information).

Reserving JF Contracts

Under specific conditions, JF contracts may be reserved. Please review the Welcome Mail to the PushJF mailing list to ensure compliance with reservation policies. To reserve a contract or set of contracts just send a mail out to PushJF mailing list with the title "I reserve..." and the contract(s) you are planning to do. Posting a message in Push Internal or JF Operations Discord (without sending a mail in PushJF) is not sufficient to reserve a JF contract. Because this system is infrequently utilized, JF Pilots should check the mailing list prior to accepting contracts, to ensure they do not take contracts already reserved.

  1. You CANNOT reserve Rush JF contracts.
  2. Pilots may only reserve under specific circumstances as outlined in the Welcome Mail
  3. Reservations expire depending on the usage case, again as outlined by the Welcome Mail

Special Cases

  1. Split JF Contracts: Customers are allowed to break a single JF contract up into several sub-JF contracts, all going from the same pick up station to the same destination station, if the number of item stacks in the contract exceeds EVE Online's item stack limit for contracts, which is currently 500 unique items/stacks of items. PushX provides the Split JF service to avoid the usage of containers in JF Contracts and reduce overall costs for customers.
    • The total combined volume of these sub-JF contracts cannot total more than the 337,500 m3 limit for jump freight couriers.
    • These sub-JF contracts will be identified by 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc. in the contract description. Since the JF contract is split into several sub-JF contracts the reward and collateral will be spread across all the sub-JF contracts.
    • Split JF contracts must be picked up from the same station. Split-JF contracts CANNOT come from multiple stations in the same system.
    • Split JF Contracts from different customers forming one total JF contract are allowed, in the event members of the same corporation or organization wish to share the cost of a full JF trip but keep their assets seperated into contracts.
    • These sub-JF contracts are meant and designed to be delivered together, not separately, so DO NOT take 1/2 of a JF contract while leaving 2/2 behind for another JF Pilot to complete.
    • A Senior or Director will often notify JF Pilots on Discord that a Split is correct and approved for shipment, but JF Pilots are encouraged to verify for themselves if this has not yet been done

  1. Containers : Containers are not allowed in JF contracts. It is often too difficult or time-consuming for a contractor to reach these dangerous and remote locations in order station-trade a containerized courier. PushX provides the Split Contract service as an alternative to using containers in JF contracts.
    • JF Pilots are also allowed but not required to make special arrangements with the customer to pick up and deliver a JF contract containing containers as long as the JF Pilot making the arrangements with the customer is the one who actually completes the JF contract.

Erroneous JF Contracts

Please see the Contract Management article for more information on erroneous JF contracts and how to deal with them.

Persistently Dangerous JF Contracts

  1. Not all null sec NPC stations are realistically rapidly and repeatibily accessible.
    • . Always check to make sure you can get a cyno to the station BEFORE you accept the contract.
    • Consider using the PushJF Mailing List to properly reserve a contract you are attempting to pick up under these circumstances.
    • If you cannot get a cyno to the station within a few attempts contact a Senior Pusher or Push Executive for assistance in completing the contract, or work with your JF coworkers in our JF Operations Discord channel.
    • Lastly, if a JF contract cannot be picked up within a reasonable time frame, a Senior or Director can reject the contract on the basis of persistent danger. We do not expect JF pilots to lose 15 cynos trying to complete a JF contract, and we will work together to avoid this from happening while still attempting to complete every JF contract we receive.

Customer Service

As a JF Pilot you are specifically responsible for monitoring the PushX channel for and answering questions about the jump freight service.

Losing JF Permissions Due to Inactivity

  • After 30 days without completing a JF Contract, JF Pushers will lose their JF Team Permissions in PIR
  • When JF Team Permissions in PIR are lost, JF Pushers will be removed from the JF Team and lose their JF Team Permissions - this includes PushX SOV ACL access and JF Team communication channels.
  • In order to rejoin the JF Team, Pushers must reapply and wait in the same Applicant Queue as other applicants. This will not require retaking the JF Team Application Interview.
  • Informing a Manager or Director of an intended or anticipated period of inactivity may exempt a JF Pusher from removal from the JF Team at the discretion of PushX Management.


  • Having at least 2 cyno characters on different accounts will make completing JF contracts much faster.
  • When lighting a cyno have your jump freighter out in space already so that you can jump to your cyno immediately. This will reduce the chances of your cyno being destroyed before you can jump.
  • NEVER, EVER warp from one station to another in the same null sec system as you could LOSE YOUR SHIP AND CARGO. There could be interdiction bubbles near your destination station.
  • Considering carrying extra liquid ozone, industrial cyno generators, and your prefered industrial cyno hull & fit in your JF in order to resupply your cyno alts and save you time if and when your cyno(s) are destroyed.
  • Considering locating your cyno alt medical clone to the station where they will be cyno'ing in case they get pod killed, as they won't have to fly all the way back to retrieve their travel vessel or re-light a return cyno.
  • Check to be sure that you have enough jump fuel to actually make a round trip. In extreme circumstances it may be possible that you must refuel before you have reentered safe space.