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PushX JF Team pilots are expected to be some of the most elite haulers in New Eden, safely delivering many billions of isk of freight across the stars while epitomizing the professionalism and teamwork of PushX. As such, it is essential that JF Pushers are intimately familiar with PushX policies as well as asset protection procedures for JF hauling.

JF Contract Management

PushX's Contract Management policies apply to the PushX JF Team as well; however, due to the more complex and versatile nature of our JF service, there are some additional policies.

JF Queue Priority

PushX JF pilots are expected to have the expertise and willingness to help ensure customer satisfaction across all PushX services. JF Pilots are therefore expected to prioritize the following situations in the listed order prior to completing the JF (or Standard) queue as normal:

  1. JF Rush contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  2. Standard Rush contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  3. JF contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  4. Standard contracts with less than 12 hours remaining
  5. JF Rush contracts

JF Queue Priority Exceptions

PushX Managers or Executives may provide temporary instructions changing queue priority in order to ensure efficient delivery of PushX freight across all our services. This will be communicated in the Discord #jf-operations channel.

Additionally, given the nature of JF work there are situations where it may be appropriate to deviate from Queue Order on an individual basis.

Some examples include:
  • Cyno locations from a prior contract are on the same, or very similar, routes as a contract that is not top priority.
  • Collateral limitations
  • Time constraints

If you have a reason to deviate from queue order, it is appropriate to notify the Senior team.

"Bulk OPs" Policy

In the event that there are multiple duplicate Jump Freight contracts it is considered good Pusher etiquette to ask your fellow Jump Freight Pushers if they wish to team up to complete the contracts. This is often referred to as "bulk ops." Teamwork is important to the operation of PushX and Bulks OPs - by sharing cynos and intel - provide an opportunity to foster teamwork and community while completing contracts efficiently.

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Select the highest priority contract.
    • If you see a Standard Queue contract that you can complete while doing a JF contract it is acceptable and encouraged to accept and deliver the high sec contract as well.
    • Contracts should only be accepted from the queue if you can deliver the contract within 6 hours, barring unforeseen circumstances.
    • If other JF Pilots are hauling it is encouraged to communicate and cooperate with the team to efficiently use your time.
  2. Read the description of the JF contract, along with any notes in PIR for the contract, before accepting it.
  3. It can be appropriate to deviate from PIR's recommended route for safety or efficiency. If you're unsure on a deviation, consult with more experienced PushX JF pilots.
    • Never use Autopilot in a Jump Freighter. Autopilot and a defenseless, expensive ship is asking for trouble. All PushX pilots are expected to deliver freight while at they keyboard.
    • Do not gate between LS systems, gate between NS systems, or warp in NS systems to deliver JF contracts.
  4. Upon delivering the package send a delivery mail to the customer (see Delivery Mails for more information).

Erroneous JF Contracts

Please see the Contract Management article for more information on erroneous JF contracts and how to deal with them.

Delivering to Null Sec

  • Not all null sec NPC stations are practically accessible due to player activity.
  • Always check to make sure you can get a cyno to the station BEFORE you accept the contract. You may notify the JF Team in the #jf-operations channel that you are setting up the contract so that no one takes the contract.
  • If you do not have a null sec cyno hull in place, it is acceptable to ask in the Discord #jf-operations channel if someone has a hull you may borrow. It is courteous to bring an extra hull to replace the borrowed hull in the event that it is lost.
  • If you cannot get a cyno to the station within a few attempts contact a Senior Pusher, PushX Manager or Executive for assistance.

Customer Service

As a JF Pilot you are specifically responsible for monitoring the in-game public PushX channel and the Discord #pushx-public channels to answer questions about the jump freight service.

Losing JF Permissions Due to Inactivity

  • After 21 days without completing a JF Contract, JF Pushers will lose their JF Team Permissions in PIR
  • When JF Team Permissions in PIR are lost, JF Pushers will be removed from the JF Team and lose their JF Team Permissions - this includes PushX SOV ACL access and JF Team communication channels.
  • In order to rejoin the JF Team, Pushers must reapply and wait in the same Applicant Queue as other applicants. This may not require retaking the JF Team Application Interview.
  • Informing a Manager or Director of an intended or anticipated period of inactivity may exempt a JF Pusher from removal from the JF Team at the discretion of PushX Management.

Tips for Planning a Route

  • Having at least 2 cyno characters on different accounts will make completing JF contracts much faster.
  • Extra cyno alts on the same account can be placed as "static" cynos in systems you use frequently.
  • When lighting a cyno have your jump freighter out in space already so that you can jump to your cyno immediately. This will reduce the chances of your cyno being destroyed before you can jump.
  • Considering carrying extra liquid ozone, industrial cyno generators, and your preferred industrial cyno hull & fit in your JF in order to resupply your cyno alts and save you time when your cyno(s) are destroyed.
  • Considering locating your cyno alt medical clone to the station where they will be cyno-ing in case their pod is killed, as they won't have to fly all the way back to retrieve their travel vessel or light a return cyno.
  • Always ensure you have enough jump fuel to make a round trip.
  • There are many ways to increase the efficiency of a trip. Do not hesitate to ask your fellow JF Team members for advice!