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Corp Mission Statement

The corp mission statement should be a guiding light for all decisions in PushX. When a solution to a challenge is not clear choose the answer that best aligns with the corp mission statement.

"PushX is a non-affiliated, neutral, trustworthy hauling corp with goals to be the best hauling corp by providing fast, reliable, and creative hauling services to meet the needs of citizens in New Eden. Always providing friendly customer service and steady hauling contracts for our employees."

PushX Operational Goals

  • Priority that trumps all is "Contracts must flow". No matter what we are working on contracts must be delivered and continue moving.
  • Daily operations order of priorities:
    • PushX hauler safety > Contract delivery > Customer service

PushX Confidentiality Standards

  • PushX does not share information about our customers with anyone outside of a need-to-know basis in PushX. Even with the customer's permission. If a customer wishes to share their information with someone then that is there prerogative.
  • PushX does not share information about our members or applicants with anyone outside of a need-to-know basis in PushX. This includes any privileged information given to PushX such as alts, real names, or affiliations. This also includes corp issues such as conflict resolutions, corp departure, or other events. It is unprofessional to gossip.

Leadership Roles and Expectations

Delegating tasks to others such as Seniors is encouraged. When needed, leadership should not be afraid to ask others to perform tasks for them to reach their goals. Part of good leadership is good delegation.

  • CEO - Corp direction and big picture. Monitors overall corp success, public image, and employee morale. Responsible for success and failures of PushX.
  • Corp Manager - Maintains daily corp excellence to meet customer's and Pusher's high expectations. Keep PushX's reputation in the highest regard.
  • HR Manager - Maintains corp personnel staff and quality of staff. Ensures PushX is properly staffed and staff is correctly trained.
  • PR Manager - Promotes PushX, attracts customers, and maintains PushX's good reputation with public and customers.
  • Standard Queue Manager - Strongest leader of standard queue hauling. Monitors standard queue health and corp services for SQ. Responsible for SQ delivery times.
  • JF Manager - Strongest leader of JF queue hauling. Monitors JF queue health and corp services for JF. Responsible for JF delivery times.
  • Seniors - Mentors new members with hauling, corp culture, standards, and customer service. Willing to help out leadership.