Mission Statement and Code of Conduct

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PushX Mission Statement

"PushX is New Eden's premier hauling service, operating with the highest standards of asset protection, operational security, hauling excellence, client service, and community."

PushX Code of Conduct

1. Asset Protection

PushX applies the best practices of asset safety; therefore, while hauling PushX freight, Pushers will:

  • Be at the keyboard
  • Educate themselves on best practices including PushX's Asset Protection Guidelines
  • Remain in the highest security space for their route
  • Monitor available intelligence sources
  • Be responsible for gathering their own intelligence when indicated
  • Share intelligence with other Pushers
  • Only use non-PushX characters to haul freight

2. Operational Security

Operational security is essential to the safe, successful function of PushX; therefore, Pushers will:

  • Not reveal the identity of a Pusher's alts
  • Not reveal the identity of PushX clients - individual, corporate, or alliance
  • Not provide specific time estimates or location of PushX freight
  • Not reveal non-public information regarding PushX's policies, procedures, or assets
  • Not use their PushX character, access, knowledge, or resources of any kind for a non-PushX purpose
  • Not handle PushX freight with any character not authenticated in PIR and PushX Apply

3. Hauling Excellence

PushX strives to provide the best hauling service in the game; therefore, Pushers will:

  • Follow queue order and contract routing per PushX Contract Management Policies
  • Only accept contracts they intend to complete in a single gameplay session
  • Cooperate with other Pushers to ensure timely completion of contracts
  • Ensure their haulers' skills and fits meet PushX requirements
  • Communicate potential and actual issues or delays with contracts to the PushX Senior Team
  • Only open PushX courier contracts through PIR and not the in-game interface
  • Appraise every contract
  • Notify PushX Managers or Executives when intending to take a leave of absence from hauling

4. Client Service

PushX offers clients the highest standards of customer service; therefore, Pushers will:

  • Be polite, professional, and respectful with clients at all times
  • Send a delivery mail after each contract per Delivery Mail guidelines
  • Monitor PushX's public communication channels while hauling
  • Notify clients promptly when a contract is delayed or failed - for any reason - using appropriate PIR Mail Templates
  • Familiarize themselves with PushX's client resources such as the Quoter, Rates, Structures, and MyPushX

5. Community

PushX aims to have not only the best haulers, but the best community to haul with; therefore, Pushers will:

  • Be friendly, respectful, and polite at all times
  • Be willing to learn
  • Be willing to help and teach
  • Be engaged and responsive in PushX's in-game and Discord communication channels
  • Not engage in or promote harassment or discriminatory behavior - sexual, racial, cultural or otherwise
  • Refrain from propagandizing or verbally attacking third parties
  • Adhere to instructions given by PushX Seniors, Managers, or Executives
  • Adhere to the Eve Online EULA