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Welcome to Push Industries. You are now a hauler and part of one of EVE Online's largest hauling corporations! You can accept and deliver contracts, help customers and make a lot of ISK! So, where do you go from here?

Push Policies & Procedures & Tools

It is highly recommended that you read through the entire Push Wiki, Rates page and FAQ page on the Push website and memorize all of Push's policies and procedures. It is also highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with all of Push's tools and use them regularly.

PIR will be the most important tool you use and it is mandatory to use. PIR will show contracts based on your roles.

PIR will automatically deactivate you if no contracts are hauled within 30 days.


At this point you will want to better your freighter skills if you haven't already. Better freighter skills means you can carry larger contracts (up to our 1,125,000 m3 limit for high sec) and even carry multiple contracts at a time! Implants are also very useful and can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend traveling from point A to point B. Additionally, you should to be able to fly a blockade runner and deep space transport for high value low volume contracts and low sec (small) contracts.

  • [Your Race] Freighter V
  • Industry V
  • Transports Ships V
  • Advanced Space Ship Command V (for better freighter agility)
  • Electronics V
  • Cloaking IV
  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • Warp Drive Operation V
  • Acceleration Control IV (V strongly recommended)
  • Afterburner IV
  • High Speed Maneuvering IV
  • Cybernetics V
  • All core skills to V


  • Jump Drive Operation V
  • Jump Freighters IV (V preferred)

Inty Service Skills

The following skills are for the PushX Inty service. You can import these skills into your skill queue for easy training.


Mechanics I
Mechanics II
Mechanics III
Mechanics IV
Hull Upgrades I
Hull Upgrades II
Hull Upgrades III
Hull Upgrades IV
Hull Upgrades V
Amarr Frigate I
Amarr Frigate II
Amarr Frigate III
Amarr Frigate IV
Amarr Frigate V
Evasive Maneuvering I
Evasive Maneuvering II
Evasive Maneuvering III
Evasive Maneuvering IV
Evasive Maneuvering V
Spaceship Command IV
Spaceship Command V
Shield Operation I
Shield Operation II
Shield Operation III
Shield Operation IV
EM Shield Compensation I
EM Shield Compensation II
EM Shield Compensation III
EM Shield Compensation IV
Shield Management I
Shield Management II
Shield Management III
Shield Management IV
Shield Upgrades I
Shield Upgrades II
Shield Upgrades III
Shield Upgrades IV
Shield Upgrades V
Interceptors I
Interceptors II
Interceptors III
Interceptors IV 
Thermal Armor Compensation I
Thermal Armor Compensation II
Thermal Armor Compensation III
Thermal Armor Compensation IV


Warp Drive Operation I
Warp Drive Operation II
Warp Drive Operation III
Warp Drive Operation IV
Cloaking I
Cloaking II
Cloaking III
Jury Rigging I
Jury Rigging II
Jury Rigging III
Astronautics Rigging I
Astronautics Rigging II
Astronautics Rigging III
Interceptors V
Shield Management V
Mechanics V
EM Shield Compensation V
Thermal Armor Compensation V 


CPU Management V
Cynosural Field Theory I
Cynosural Field Theory II
Cynosural Field Theory III
Cynosural Field Theory IV
Cynosural Field Theory V
Infomorph Psychology I
Infomorph Psychology II
Infomorph Psychology III
Infomorph Psychology IV
Infomorph Synchronizing I
Infomorph Synchronizing II
Infomorph Synchronizing III
Infomorph Synchronizing IV
Cybernetics I
Cybernetics II
Cybernetics III
Cybernetics IV
Cybernetics V
Biology I
Biology II
Biology III
Biology IV


You can install implants to improve your control over your freighter. A full set of Ascendancies will greatly increase you warp speed to near that of a battlecruiser. This will decrease the time contracts take to complete. The Ascendancy Omega is very expensive. A cheaper substitute is WS-618 and it performs basically the same. Any other implants that provide increased agility or warp speed are also very useful.

The fastest fit for a freighter is usually 2x Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerators, 1x Inertial Stablizer. You can view a graph of different fits and warp time for each freighter here