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PIR (Push Internal Resources) is a tool to help with the administrative side of delivering contracts.


It shows:

  • the order of contracts in our queue
  • it separates rush contracts, normal contracts and JF contracts
  • it highlights contracts with the wrong rewards
  • it has an integrated evemail generator
  • it has an integrated set waypoint and set destination feature
  • many more features to assist in hauling and safety

PIR will deactivate if you have not hauled and have gone inactive.

Your in corp toon and haulers Authenticate with PIR with Eve's SSO to function using a browser.


Does PIR auto refresh the contracts?

  • PIR DOES NOT auto refresh. Since users will interact with the queue quite often it could cause problems if it refreshed automatically. If you wish to have it auto refresh most browsers offer auto refresh plugins you can use. PIR chooses to leave that up to the user rather than be the default behavior.
  • PIR displays a Queue Data status that indicates if a refresh is needed. Also, the border of the queue will change to match the Data status colors.

How can I send a delivery mail for a contract I already completed?

  • Go to Data->My Contracts. Click the Route dropdown for a menu with options. You can send the delivery mail from there.