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As a professional hauling organization PushX provides many opportunities for career growth as a hauler, expanding your hauling fleet, and moving up within the organizations ranks.

Roles and Positions in PushX


“Talented haulers delivering the widest range of freighter, deep space transport, and blockade runner hauling services in New Eden, Pushers are the backbone of PushX and hold themselves to the highest standards of asset protection, operational security, hauling excellence, client service, and community.”

Transport Ships

Pushers may use transport ships - blockade runners and deep space transports - for the delivery of PushX freight.

  • Before using transport ships, Pushers must complete a short interview to demonstrate their understanding of core transport ship asset protection procedures. Once meeting the skill requirements on a hauler, a Pusher may type /apply on our Discord server and choose the Transport Ships interview to apply.

Skill Requirements

Appropriate skill plans can be found in Skills->Corporation Skill Plans

  • Spaceship Command
    • Racial Hauler V
    • Transport Ships IV (V strongly recommended to be able to move all contracts)
  • Engineering
    • Capacitor Management IV
    • Capacitor Operation IV
  • Navigation
    • Acceleration Control IV
    • High-Speed Maneuvering IV
    • Afterburner IV
    • Warp Drive Operation IV
  • Armor
    • Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal/EM Armor Compensation IV
  • Shield
    • Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal/EM Shield Compensation IV
    • Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
  • Electronic Systems
    • Cloaking IV

Pusher - JF Team

Members of PushX’s Jump Freight Team are tested and then authorized to use Jump Freighters for the delivery of PushX freight. Members of the PushX JF Team have demonstrated mastery of asset protection and operational security and provide high quality jump freight service all over New Eden. PushX JF pilots are expected to contribute to both the Standard and Jump Freight Queues and must represent the highest levels of hauling skill.

JF Application Requirements

Pushers may request to take the JF Team Interview once they meet all the requirements listed below:

  • Complete all Standard Queue Orientation items, including a notifying a Senior or Manager that they have been completed
  • Have a JF that can hold 360k m3 (plus fittings)
  • Have a minimum of 5b collateral available (10b is recommended)
  • Complete the corresponding "Minimum" SP Plan (see Skills->Corporation Skill Plans) for your JF
  • Complete 25 Standard Queue Contracts
  • Have a Rapier Webber
  • Have at least one hauler qualified and able to fly PushX BR and DST contracts
  • Have High-Grade Ascendancy Implants for slots 1-5 and a WS-618 or High-Grade Ascendancy Omega implant
  • Jump a JF in and out of NPC NS safely on the Tranquility server
  • Practice gating to Jita from LS on the Tranquility server
  • Have a cyno-capable account as well as a JF account and a scout/webber account for safe gating. 3 accounts minimum, 4 is recommended.
  • Familiarize yourself with JF Team Policies and JF Asset Protection Procedures

Simply type /apply on our Discord server and choose the JF interview to begin your application process!

Senior Pusher

Senior Pushers are Pushers selected to assist with the operation of PushX, addressing client questions, and mentoring Pushers. Seniors have demonstrated a strong understanding of, and commitment to, PushX’s policies and community and exemplify the Mission and Code of Conduct of PushX.

Senior Pushers are selected by PushX management privately or an announcement will be made that applications are being accepted to fill a Senior Pusher position. Senior Pushers receive a salary and additional reimbursement for more involved tasks.


The primary responsibilities of Senior Pushers include:

  • Handling erroneous contracts
  • Mentoring new Pushers
  • Answering Pusher and client questions
  • Referring clients and Pushers to PushX management as appropriate
  • Assisting management with various tasks necessary to the operation of PushX


There are no specific requirements for Senior Pushers; however, attributes that are looked for in potential candidates include:

  • Trustworthy
  • Understands and adheres to PushX policies
  • Proficient communicator
  • Friendly and willing to help fellow Pushers
  • Professional client service
  • Active in the PushX Discord
  • Active and skilled hauler

PushX Diplomat

PushX Diplomats are salaried members of the PushX Administration responsible for providing quality customer service, courting alliance and corporate clients, and the acquisition of new business while upholding and promoting PushX's public image and reputation.

PushX Manager

PushX Managers are salaried members of the PushX Administration that are responsible for an area of PushX Operations.

Queue Manager

The Queue Manager is directly responsible for ensuring the efficient and safe delivery of freight between both the JF and Standard Queues.

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is a Manager level position responsible for assisting the Director of Operations with the tasks necessary for maintenance and improvement of corporation policies and assets.


The Recruiter is a Manager level position responsible for maintaining recruitment, screening and interviewing applicants to ensure they meet corporation standards, and ensuring Pushers receive mentorship and orientation.

PushX Executives

PushX Executives (Directors) are each responsible for one of the three branches of the PushX Administration.

Director of Operations

The Director of Operations is a Director level position ultimately responsible for ensuring the efficient, safe, and confidential delivery of PushX freight while maintaining and improving the corporation policies and assets used to do so. The Director of Operations oversees the Queue and Operations Managers.

Personnel Director

The Personnel Director is a Director level position ultimately responsible for maintaining the quantity and quality of staffing necessary for the successful operation of PushX. The Personnel Director oversees the Recruiters.

Director of Diplomatic and Client Relations

The Director of Diplomatic and Client Relations is a Director level position responsible for ensuring clients receive the highest level of customer service, addressing client’s needs and concerns at a Director level, curating PushX’s public image, and proactively securing the acquisition of future PushX clients. The Director of Diplomatic and Client Relations oversees the PushX Diplomat team.

Adding Additional Alts

Pushers may, and are encouraged, to add new alts to their hauling fleets to improve their income and efficiency.

Skill Requirements

Pushers are only required to demonstrate that they meet the skill requirements for freighters, transport ships, and jump freighters on the initial hauling characters that they use to apply.

Pushers are expected to ensure that their additional hauling alts are appropriately trained and equipped for the safe and efficient delivery of PushX freight.


All alts that will have PushX freight in their possession(e.g. haulers) must be authenticated in both PIR and PushX Apply.

All alts that will be on the PushX General ACL must be authenticated in PIR.

All alts that will be on the PushX JF ACLs must be authenticated in PIR and PushX Apply.

Pushers are encouraged to authenticate all alts they intend to use while hauling in PIR to take advantage of PIR's routing capabilities.