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  • Highsec 16x16.gif Lowsec 16x16.gif Nullsec 16x16.gif - Contracts to a NPC Station or Public Structure in Highsec, Lowsec, or Nullsec
  • Sov highsec 16x16.gif Sov lowsec 16x16.gif Sov nullsec 16x16.gif - Contracts to a Private Structure in Highsec, Lowsec, or Nullsec. Special access will be required via an Access List and it not accessible to all PushX pilots.
  • Whhighsec 16x16.gif Whlowsec 16x16.gif - Contracts to Thera (Wormhole)
  • Pochhighsec 16x16.gif Pochlowsec 16x16.gif - Contracts to Pochven
  • ! - Station is an Upwell Structure
  • ? - Station is in a Trade Hub system but NOT the usual trade hub station
  • TriglavianCollective.png - Route contains Triglavian invaded systems
  • Logo faction edencom.png - Route contains EDENCOM invaded systems