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Push Industries has a 3 stage recruitment process.


Stage 1: Application

Applicants are asked to submit an application to Push Industries. See detail in the MOTD of PX HR channel in game.

  • Applying with a contracting alt and keeping the hauler out of Push Industries has the advantage that any wardecs will not affect the applicant's ability to complete contacts. However, the applicant will have problems with containers if their contractor and the hauler are on the same account. Thus, two Omega accounts are required.

Stage 2: Interview (approx. 60-90 minutes)

The applicant will have roughly a week to have an interview with a designated Recruiter. It is highly recommended that the applicant read through this wiki before the interview. The interview consists of 2 parts:

Part 1

This is a time for the Recruiter to ask general questions about why the applicant wants to join Push Industries, how active they plan to be, what their current skills are, what hauling ships they own and some questions regarding their background. Some basic criteria each applicant has to meet to join Push Industries are:

  • It is preferred that they own a freighter (or be within a few days of obtaining one)
  • If a freighter is not owned then they must own a blockade runner or a deep space transport and we need to have enough demand to support it.
  • They ideally have to have a clean contractor alt with no combat skills (manufacturing, mining, industrial and trade skills are acceptable along with default combat skills). Having a contractor alt that can fly interceptors is useful for a PushX contracting for scouting and traversing null sec.
  • Correct API details for both their contractor and any hauler accounts they wish to use.
  • A minimum of 1B ISK for collateral.
  • 2 Omega accounts

Part 2

In the second half of the interview the Recruiter will ask a series of situational questions designed to gauge the applicant's personality and to see how well the applicant is suited to become a Pusher. These questions will cover:

  • customer service
  • security
  • responding to hidden containers in contracts
  • queue priority
  • under-collateralised contracts (both higher and lower)
  • Difference between single and double wrapping

Recruiters will always change their questions to discover how the applicant really thinks and whether they have the right personality to be a Pusher.

Stage 3: Setup

Assuming the applicant answers all the questions correctly and the Recruiter is satisfied the Recruiter will ask the applicant to read the Conduct article and to agree to abide by it. If the applicant agrees the Recruiter is then authorized to inform the directors to accept the applicant's application. Upon joining The Pusher can also request that their out-of-corp hauler join the channel Push Internal channel.


What amount of the reward does the hauler keep?

  • All of the reward and there is a 3% weekly dues on the haulers contract rewards per week. See Dues

How much ISK can I make?

Hauling is an income source that scales well. If you have more than one toon that can run freight at a time you can easily make a lot more ISK with not much extra effort in most cases.

Is there a certain monthly contract quota I have to meet?

  • There is no specific quota but if a member becomes inactive they are eligible for removal. Usually 1 or 2 months of no hauling activity is considered inactive.

How many contracts do you have?

  • We always have plenty of contracts. You can see our current contracts state at our website.

How long does recruitment take?

  • Usually a few days up to 1 week.

Am I allowed to auto-pilot?

  • PushX does not allow autopiloting. We are an At-The-Keyboard hauling corp.

Does PushX offer insurance?

  • PushX does not offer insurance. PushX haulers are expected to follow safe hauling procedures and use proper precautions to protect themselves and their assets. See Asset Protection