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Current Wait Time

The time it takes for us to process your application can vary over time. If there are many recruits it might take a bit longer than if there are fewer recruits. The amount of contracts we receive can also influence the time required. Below you find the current estimate for the time it takes from the time you apply to when you will receive the corporation invite (if you meet our requirements).

Current Wait Time: A few days


  • 2 Omega accounts
  • A Freighter
  • Knowledge of hostile hauling environment and safe hauling practices
  • Minimum of 1.5 billion in collateral for contracts
  • Your Hauler must have BOTH positive Triglavian and Edencom Standing, see Achieving Standing for a guide on how to get that
  • Your Hauler must meet the minimum skill requirement

Minimum Hauler Skill Requirement to Join PushX

Spaceship Command

  • Racial Freighter IV


  • Evasive Maneuvering V
  • Navigation IV
  • Warp Drive Operation IV


  • Capacitor Management III
  • Capacitor Systems Operation III


  • Mechanics IV
  • Hull Upgrades IV


  • Shield Management IV
  • Shield Operation IV

Additional Skill Requirements for DST/BR Services (Optional)

Only Required If Also Applying With BR/DST

  • [Your Race] Industrial V
  • Transport Ships IV (V strongly recommended to be able to move all contracts)


  • Acceleration Control IV (V strongly recommended)


  • Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal/EM Armor Compensation IV (V strongly recommended)


  • Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal/EM Shield Compensation IV (V strongly recommended)
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation IV

Electronic Systems

  • Cloaking IV

How to apply

Applicants are asked to submit an application to Push Industries and join our discord Channel.

To apply and to get placed into the waiting queue of applicants please follow these steps:

#1: Send an in-game application to Push Industries with the character that you would like to be the contract alt in PushX and fill out the following questions below in the in-game application:

  • Push Character Name:
  • Hauler Character Name(s):
  • Freighter Race(s):
  • DST/BR Race(s):
  • Jump Freighter Race(s):
  • Average Online Times:
  • Available Collateral:
  • Number of Accounts:
  • Referral (if applicable):

#2: Read our wiki to learn more about the corp and our policies and procedures:

#3: Please join PushX Public Discord ( and to receive recruitment roles, type only: !apply Then change your name to the name you have applied with in Step #1.

After you applied

You will get an ingame mail with instructions on how to complete your application within a few days. Please complete all steps listed in the mail.

After you completed all the steps we will review your application. To proceed with your application you MUST meet all the requirements, including the minimum skill requirements. If you do not meet the requirements you will be asked to reapply once you are meeting the requirements.

Once the application process is complete, you will be added to a pinned waiting list of approved applicants in the #px-hr channel on Discord.


What amount of the reward does the hauler keep?

  • All of the reward and there is a 3% weekly dues on the haulers contract rewards per week. See Dues
  • There also is a bonus program in place which allows you to reduce your weekly dues even further from the default 3%. See Hauling Bonus

How much ISK can I make?

Hauling is an income source that scales well. If you have more than one toon that can run freight at a time you can easily make a lot more ISK with not much extra effort in most cases.

Why do I need two characters on two accounts?

  • Applying with a contracting alt and keeping the hauler out of Push Industries has the advantage that any wardecs will not affect the applicant's ability to complete contacts. It also keeps hauling characters anonymous. However, the applicant will have problems with containers if their contractor and the hauler are on the same account. Thus, two Omega accounts are required.

Is there a certain monthly contract quota I have to meet?

  • There is no specific quota but if a member becomes inactive they are eligible for removal. Usually 1 or 2 months of no hauling activity is considered inactive.

How many contracts do you have?

  • We always have plenty of contracts. You can see our current contracts state at our website.

How long does recruitment take?

  • Usually a few days up to 1 week. However, during periods of Slow-Mode Recruitment, the Recruitment Queue in order to start the Recruitment Process can take several weeks or more.

Am I allowed to auto-pilot?

  • PushX does not allow autopiloting. We are an At-The-Keyboard hauling corp.

Does PushX offer insurance?

  • PushX does not offer insurance. PushX haulers are expected to follow safe hauling procedures and use proper precautions to protect themselves and their assets. See Asset Protection