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Upwell Structures (Citadels)

Docking rights can be checked on any Structure from anywhere by opening the info page for that structure in game and looking in the Services tab. If Docking is listed then you are able to dock there.
Our list of structures we service will be safe but remember there is no 100% guarantee in Eve. It's still best to check before using a structure.
We also service a number of private structures, which are not known publicly. These can be located anywhere in HS, LS or NS.

PushX ACLs for Upwell Structures

To be able to dock at SOV and other private structures your characters must be on either of our two PushX access lists (ACL). We will only add characters to the access lists that request to be added.
  • We do not add anyone to the list automatically.
  • Each Pusher must request which characters they want added to the ACL.
  • You can only be on one of the two ACLs at the same time.


This ACL will give you access to any of our private HS structures. Any Pusher can ask to be added to this ACL.


This ACL will give you access to our SOV structures in NS and LS as well as to any private HS structures. If you are in this ACL you don't need to be in the HS ACL. We require that you are part of the JF Team to get added to this ACL.

How To Get Added to the PushX ACLs

  1. Characters must be Authenticated on PIR before they will be added to the PushX ACL Authenticate here.
  2. Evemail the CEO or a director with the characters you want added to the ACL.
    • Only characters explicitly listed in the mail will be added.
  3. Include your PushX character if desired, as they will not be included by default.
  4. Include which ACL you want to be added to.

Confirm that your character is on the Access List

  • Once you have confirmed your character is on the access list your character will remain on the list
  • Pushers who quit or are removed from PushX will be removed from the PushX ACL
  • If for any other reason you are removed from the ACL, you will be informed via evemail from a Director or the CEO
  • In other words, once you confirm you're on the list, it's safe to assume you'll be able to dock at any of our structures while you remain in PushX
Please note that PushX characters are not added by automatically either and must be ask to be added like any other character.