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Push provides a number of different services designed to meet customer needs and Pusher skill levels.



Push Industries provides a high sec delivery service for volumes ranging from 62,500 - 1,125,000 m3 with a collateral limit of 2 billion ISK.


Push uses Blockade runners and Deep Space Transports for small cargo in High sec. The size limits are 11,500 m3 and 62,500 m3 respectively. The collateral limit is 5 billion ISK.

Jump Freight

For moving large, high value cargo through High sec Push will use jump freighters to move the cargo. The size limits are 62,500 - 360,000 m3. The maximum collateral is 5 billion ISK.

Low Sec (Small)

Push Industries also provides two small low sec service options. The freight limit for these services is 11,500 m3 and 62,500m3. A collateral limit of 5 billion ISK exists and packages are delivered using blockade runners or deep space transports. There is no null sec (small) service. All null sec is handled by the jump freight service.

Jump Freight Service

For low and null sec Push Industries uses jump freighters to deliver contracts. The freight limit for this service is 337,500 m3 (more on special request) with a collateral limit of 10 billion ISK (higher collateral contracts are accepted on a case-by-case basis). This service delivers only to NPC null sec stations. Push Industries does not deliver to Player owned null sec stations or any POSs.

Special Deals

Push Industries offers fixed special deals between major trade hubs for high sec only. Push Industries DOES NOT offer special deals or rates on a person-by-person or corp-by-corp basis.