Split Contracts & Multiple Pick Ups

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Split Contracts: Customers are allowed to break a single contract up into several sub-contracts (all going from the same pick up station to the same destination station) if the number of item stacks in the contract exceeds EVE Online's item stack limit for contracts.

The total combined volume of these sub-contracts cannot total more than the max volume or collateral for the service type the customer requires.

These sub-contracts should be identified by 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc. in the Info by Issuer field. Since the contract is split into several sub-contracts the reward and collateral will be spread across all the sub-contracts. These sub-contracts are meant and designed to be delivered together, not separately, so DO NOT take 1/2 of a contract while leaving 2/2 behind for another Pusher to complete.
For Customers: How to setup a split contract

  • Make 2 contracts (or more if needed)
  • Split the rewards evenly
  • Put appropriate collateral on each contract
  • In the description of the contract put "Split 1/2" and "Split 2/2".
    • If it is a rush contract also add "Rush" to the description
    • If it is a Jump Freight contract also add "JF" to the description

We'll get it moved for you all at once.

Multiple Pick Ups: Customers are allowed to enter Multiple Pickup contracts. How this is computed is that you use the Quoter tool to get the base price of the two farthest systems with the correct Volume for all jobs combined as well as the correct Collateral for all jobs combined, then add the appropriate fee for each pickup which is 1 additional warp. The fee for 1 additional warp per pickup is based on the total Volume off all contracts combined and is listed on the Rates page. Note: Each additional pickup counts as one additional warp in the specific system. A note should be placed in each contract description about the multipickup.