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Below are the procedures for delivering contracts from the standard queue. Please note that all Pushers working in high sec are expected to have at least their own freighter and 1.5 billion ISK in collateral. Owning a deep space transport and a blockade runner is highly recommended for the small high sec and x-small low sec contracts.


  1. Take the oldest contract in the queue first.
    • Contracts that have less than 12 hours before they expire are always higher priority than rush contracts.
    • Rush contracts are always higher priority than normal contracts in the queue with more 12 hours before they expire.
    • If you see a newer contract (or newer contracts) that you can complete while doing an older contract or a rush contract it is alright to accept and deliver the newer contract(s) as well.
    • If doing an older contract or rush contract that would put you in a position to easily do other newer contracts once you reach the initial destination you may take those newer contracts and complete them as well.
  2. Read the entire contract twice before accepting it.
  3. Read the Info By Issuer field for special notes.
  4. DO NOT use autopilot.
  5. DO NOT use lower security space as a shortcut if the contract does not require it.
  6. Check the Push Internal MOTD and PushX Discord #gank-intel channel for any warnings about high sec systems.
  7. Upon delivering the package send a delivery mail to the customer using the Queue's mail feature.

Special Cases

  1. Split Contracts: Customers are allowed to break a single contract up into several sub-contracts (all going from the same pick up station to the same destination station) if the number of item stacks in the contract exceeds EVE Online's item stack limit for contracts. The total combined volume of these sub-contracts cannot total more than the max size we offer for the service type. These sub-contracts could be identified by 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, etc. in the Info by Issuer field. Since the contract is split into several sub-contracts the reward and collateral will be spread across all the sub-contracts. These sub-contracts are meant and designed to be delivered together, not separately, so DO NOT take 1/2 of a contract while leaving 2/2 behind for another Pusher to complete.
  2. Containers: For high sec service Push Industries discourages the use of containers in contracts and asks customers to avoid them when possible. We require that customers identify when containers are present in a contract by saying so in the contract description. However, this does not always happen and the only way for Pushers to identify contracts with containers is after they have already accepted them. In the case where a Pusher accepts a contract with a container that freight package will have to be directly traded between the contractor and the hauler at the pick up station and again at the destination station. A CONTRACT CONTAINING A CONTAINER CANNOT BE RE-CONTRACTED. This means that the contractor and the hauler must be on different accounts to be logged in simultaneously to perform the trade.
  3. Low Sec (Small): These are contracts that are meant to be completed in a blockade runner (with a covert ops cloak).

Erroneous Contracts

Please see the Contract Management article for more information on erroneous contracts and how to deal with them.

Pusher Etiquette

Not all, but some of our customers plan their game time around when you make a delivery. After you accept a contract please be prompt with your delivery. Accepting a contract because you plan to do it in 2 days is NOT ALLOWED. Also, neglecting low reward or long distance contracts in favour of high reward and short distance contracts is NOT ALLOWED. Pushers who break these rules will be contacted directly by a PushX Director, Manager, or a Senior Pusher and possibly removed from the corporation if such behavior continues.