Wormhole Service

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Below are the procedures for delivering contracts for Wormhole contracts. Deep space transports and blockade runners are what should be used for wormhole contracts.


  • Copy corp bookmarks for Thera to your hauler. You will find instadocks, insta-undocks, and lots of safe spots to bounce to to avoid bubbles
  • Eve-Scout offers a public bookmarks folder in the public channel in game that can be used to find entrances and exits. Also you can use http://www.eve-scout.com/ to find an entrance to Thera
  • It is recommended to use a scanning ship on a separate account to scout the wormhole before bringing in a hauler. A ship with a cloak and nullified to bubbles is recommended
  • Since wormholes do not show people in local, do not speak in local in wormhole. You do not want to alert people of your presence
  • NOTE: Rush contracts are not available for wormhole contracts
  • NOTE: Containers are not allowed for wormhole contracts